[Image: photo of a light-skinned hand, palm facing front, of indeterminate age or gender. wound thru the fingers is a vivid braided piece of silk craftwork done in the pink purple and blue bisexual pride colors. overlaid in dark purple are the words: Bisexual, I am Valid, I Exist]

Hello, Kalamazoo babes!

I will be back in Kalamazoo this Friday and Saturday for PRIDE! It’s my first year going to Pride and I am SO excited. I am going with my little brother and his gorgeous girlfriend and possibly you too! I would love to see a bunch of you beautiful people there, so if you would like to hangout then please let me know. Even if we haven’t talked since college, please feel free to hit me up because I miss you all so much. 

If you’d like to text me at Pride to get together, DM me for my number. OR if you happen to run into me, please come say hi because I need a little love in my life. LOVE YOU ALL. 

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Also I’m coming out to my other brother this weekend so GOOD LUCK TO ME but I probably won’t need it because he is incredible and I am just a nervous queer baby.