open letter to my English professor:

you are a white cis middle aged man. you argue with a queer black student that sits behind me every day who is no older than 20. you argue with him about oppression, specifically the kind that affects him.. and not you. i don’t think you realize that your voice on poor black people doesnt exist. yes you grew up poor - so did i - but he has had completely different experiences than you that you cannot have because you are white. you cannot tell him that despite being poor and living in a city that makes it nearly impossible to not be poor there is a way out, a way to not be poor. you a white man cannot tell him that he has privileges, that he has more privileges than poor white people. you do not know him, you cannot know his struggles. i could not have intervened because it is not my place to. i was secretly cheering him on as he continued to stand up for him and his family.

whenever i mentioned the Michael Brown incident, you said “you mean the thug?” and i said no, he has a name and it’s not “thug”. you were serious. i was baffled but not surprised. you said things that made it obvious that to believed what was on tv. you didn’t realize that the entire court that was on the jury was white and friends with the murderer. even the judge. you don’t know what actually happened because to dont want to know you just want to believe what you’re told. you put down the black lives matter movement. you don’t know the importance of resistance because
you never felt the need to be a part of it- because to never had to.


for my fellow kalamazoo people, i have my art up at water street coffee joint downtown, and i’ll be there tonight (10/2, 5-9pm) for art hop. come say hi, buy some art maybe (i won’t have any prints, just original art– all under $200).

and please tip my cute baristas.