Yesterday, I wore this shirt and was asked about it a couple of times. I explained that my dear friend who goes there sent it to me as a gift. The night before, I saw the Oregon St vs. Cal basketball game on TV, which made me think of him–hence, the shirt. I was asked: So, who won the game? I answered: I have noooo idea. (And I still don’t.)

Shout out to my homie in Berk. 


Project  365 - Day 131

“24 seconds”

I decided to do something a bit crazy, but it was fun and…. Dizzy… lol… 


As I was headed up to my dad’s house this morning, I noticed the reflection in the water and had to stop to snap a pic. I love how the sky and trees are mirrored in the water. It’s only in the early morning hours that you can see this reflection, once the sun gets higher in the sky all you see is mud. LOL.