kalach cha

And since NWN2 is on my brain; I’m pretty sure one of the KC’s first languages is Elven. Like two examples; There’s a statue in the Temple of Seasons with an elvish inscription written into it which the KC can read. Secondly, if you get the spider Kistrel but don’t have Sand or Elanee with you, when Kistrel signs their name in elven runes the KC can read it themselves.

Neither of these have lore or race checks, meaning that the KC is fluent regardless. So it seems like maybe Daeghun raised them speaking elven, and he and the KC speak in elven when they talk to each other (rare as those occasions may be)

Timeline ~

Hey everyone!

I decided to put together a timeline for the blog’s canon (you can check it out here). I tried to stick as close as possible to the official Forgotten Realms canon, but there is this massive plot hole with Charname having to technically be ten years old.

Also, originally I stuck to the game’s canon of always having Alianna be Charname’s mother, but I changed that now. Alianna is now only Clarissa’s mother. The idea is that all my other Bhaalspawn are from different mothers but they all ended up at the temple in the Forest of Wyrms where Alianna lived. Who exactly the other mothers are and how each of my Bhaalspawn came to be at the temple I have not decided yet.

But yeah, that means one thing specifically: Up until the day Gorion and the Harpers stopped the ritual it is now one fixed timeline. The timeline splits up at the point where Gorion has to decide which child to save.

To fix the afore mentioned plot hole, I decided to have Charname be a kid/teenager at the point the ritual takes place and Gorion puts a spell on them that let’s them forget any memory of the temple that could lead to them believing they are a Bhaalspawn. (I might change some of my Bhaalspawn’s ages accordingly, since I now don’t have to stick to the 20ish years old premise anymore).

I am currently trying to figure out if I can bring my IWD2 party in this as well somehow, have them be related, too, but I’ll have to think through the possibilities here first.

Also, I guess Clarissa’s name is now Lady Clarissa Fildret of Candlekeep? The other’s might get new last names, too :D

Either way, there is gonna be happening some more redconning for consistency’s sake.

Cheers ~