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Daeghun Headcanon

Okay so I feel like Daeghun doesn’t get enough love, which is a shame because I feel like he’s such a complex character. Sadly there’s not enough of him in the game.

But, I feel like the way Daeghun feels about his shard (that he hid) ,is very similar to the way he feels about the KC. “I didn’t want to keep it close. But I couldn’t bear to cast it away.”

Daeghun is very distant to the KC, both emotionally and physically (he is often away on hunting trips),that much is clear.

I tend to headcanon that Daeghun often leaves the KC alone because it’s hard for him to be around them. They’re too much of a bitter reminder of death.

But at the same time, he keeps them in West Harbor ( before the events of the game) because sub-consciously he doesn’t want them leave him. They’re one of his only reminders of his late friend, and wife. He doesn’t realise this,obviously. He’s unconsciously selfish.

I could honestly talk about Daeghun for hours. And this post was abit too short and rambly for me to get everything out at once. Ill post a super in-detail post about Daeghun another time.

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And since NWN2 is on my brain; I’m pretty sure one of the KC’s first languages is Elven. Like two examples; There’s a statue in the Temple of Seasons with an elvish inscription written into it which the KC can read. Secondly, if you get the spider Kistrel but don’t have Sand or Elanee with you, when Kistrel signs their name in elven runes the KC can read it themselves.

Neither of these have lore or race checks, meaning that the KC is fluent regardless. So it seems like maybe Daeghun raised them speaking elven, and he and the KC speak in elven when they talk to each other (rare as those occasions may be)

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If I may ask, who exactly is that orange-haired person you have in your icon?

She’s my very first RPG character, Izalie Rowan from Neverwinter Nights 2. ^^

She’s the Kalach-cha and the Knight-Captain, a diplomat druid, a friend to all living things, a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure, and a lover of a certain overly serious paladin.