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Sooo, seeing as it’s my birthday, and we’re nearly at another thousand followers here [OMG] I think I can do a bit of a giveaway, yes? 

 ⭐️This is for you, lovely followers. Everyone who’s stuck with me all this time,⭐️                                through fandoms and ugh life stories. 

You’ve been amazing and kind and generous, and I hope you know how                                                         appreciated you are! 

I would also like to extend a Hello and Welcome to all of you new followers out       there. I hope I don’t scare you off too quickly. But, now to the good part.

                                         The Grand-Ol Prize

                                                   What you get:

⭐️ - ONE Marvel fandom calendar or One Sterek fandom calendar with arts from: spider999now, yourlovelyalpha, suis0u, andavs, Batwynn, yijitumbles, dakotaliar, hitorimaron, disturbed-katten, doomcheese, lostassassin, kala-fiorek, mangaka-soldier, lokefanart, virushoney, lotolle [I hope I didn’t forget anyone D:]

  **The Sterek one is kind of special seeing as it’s a secret special secret one that I just randomly found months after we sold out and people cried and I’m so sorry. And, you know, it’s kind of late in the year already, but the art is fantastic. :D

⭐️ - One Sterek sticker pack or One Marvel sticker pack, enclosed in a decorative envelope with a ridiculous doodle by meeee

⭐️ - An additional One Sterek Pin or One Sterek charm necklace [I’ve run out of Marvel stuff, sorry!] 

Last but not least:

⭐️ - One Digital Sketch of whatever you’d like!

( This is for @infectedcolors tho) 

  [ All material is PG-13 or lower unless otherwise specified for the commission. ]


1: You must be following me!  

2: 1+ Like is an entry. 1+ Reblog is an entry. [That’s two entries, and you can enter as many times as you’d like. ] 

3: Please, no giveaway blogs!

5: Contest closes when we reach the next thousand follower count. That’s 71 followers to go!

6: Be nice. Do not harass / bully the winner, or other entrants.

7: Winner will be contacted through their inbox/message system, so please have it open.

8: This does require your full name and mailing address, so please be sure you are able to provide it. If you are under 18, you must have permission from a parent or caretaker to receive mail before entering the contest.

9: This is open for USA and beyond. [**If you know your country has some crazy/bad shipping rules/prices, please consider that before you enter and come talk to me about it. We’ll fight ‘em together.]


Keys and Christmas Lights – Valentine’s day Sterek Dance!AU on AO3 (inspired by this)

Stiles’ fingers clenched in Derek’s hair, holding him with desperation as he stormed his lips. Derek reacted with a shameless murmur of appreciation, letting Stiles to slowly take control over his body. He felt this long fingers slipping out of his hair, stroking his skin with the same rhythm as Stiles’ biting into his lips. They ran gently through his shoulder, causing an involuntary shiver when finally slipped between Derek’s thighs, drawing him even closer to Stiles’ hot body.

“I knew…” Stiles said between one kiss and the other, “I knew you don’t like candles,” he whispered in a hurry. Stopping for a moment, he added with a warm huff, “So I used Christmas lights instead.”

For the fandom and for this extraordinary girl whose talent dazzles me every single time… yes, I mean you kala-fiorek ^^ and yes, she drew that amazing art!


I want to be with you throughout our future and all the way to the end of it. I want you all, with all your perfections and imperfections, with your ridiculous eyebrows, sassy comments and that small smile you give only me. I love you Derek Hale and I want to spend my life with you. I want to wake up next to you every morning. I want to give you cheesy goodbye kisses when you drop me off at work. I want you to make me dinners like you always do when I sleep over. I want you to persuade me to leave the word aside and just lay with you on the couch, watching TV. Damn, I want to grow old with you. Just that and everything at the same time. I want it all. The whole story.”

Charity Calendar information- For the artists! -MARVEL IS FULL!

 The dimensions and Image resolution: 

Full size image [including the border] : 8.5 x 11 inches. [ 21.59 x 27.94 Centimeters] This is your standard letter size. 

Border size: ½ inch  [ 1.27 cm] black border 

Image needs to be at least  300 DPI. [For best clarity] 

*** Please include your signature on the bottom left side of the image, inside the black border. [ Your name will also be included on the cover of the calendar, unless you say otherwise. We want to make sure you’re given full credit for the wonderful work you do!] 

The content: 

PG to PG-13 please! 

For both calendars: AU’s are welcome! 

For the Marvel calendar: must include a gay/lesbian couple. [Does not have to be canon!] **this is a given for the Sterek calendar. 

Why must it be gay/lesbian? The charity is to raise funds for the Human Rights Campaign, to support the lgbtqia community and to raise awareness for the lack of lgbtqia representation in the entertainment industry and media.

The months and Ships: 

[I will be taking two months myself if we don’t fill all the spots. :3

STEREK Calendar:

dakotaliar ??




April — andavs  [ If needed. ]

May – Batwynn

June – yijitumbles



September –hitorimaron


November – doomcheese

December — andavs 

Marvel Calendar:

January — Lostassassin – Stony

February dakotaliar Spidypool

March —  - kala-fiorek - Northstar-Iceman 

April — Horns-of-mischief –Frostiron

May – Batwynn  ??? 

June – xjapanda - Sciencebros  

July – mangaka soldier - Thorki

August  –  lokefanart  Carol/Jess

September – xjapanda Nat/Maria

October – Virushoney - Star lord/Ronan

November –doomcheese –Stucky

December -- lotolle– Sam/Steve

Maybe one day I will finish this pic - but definitely it is NOT THAT DAY yet :P
If U remember the v-day doodle - well its evolved a little after I got pen nibs
in truth it evolved much more but I couldn’t bring myself to finish some details in the background - so temporary I deleted it (really this pic has background - even if here it clearly hasn’t)


This is a perfect example what’s happened when my brain gets overloaded…(most definitely because of work) well… terrible things happen - that for sure - in this case those txts on t-shirts.

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ps: I was and probably still will be out of net-connection… ah vacations - what can I say; I have no bloody idea what’s going on, but oh well

Kala and Leeeeeex |Kru| working together

Before the sunrise by Kru and Me [soon on ao3]

Stiles knew that mermaids should lure people using their delicate voices, looking airy, speaking gently and be a sum of all the grace and appeal. He knew. He had read Bram Stoker, okay? And he was sure that mermaids shouldn’t be these hissing and frowning creatures. They shouldn’t have claws or fangs. And definitely… Yes, definitely, they SHOULDN’T be males!

So when he finds one on his way back home from the morning surfing session, just before the sunrise, it reminds him of that funny picture going around the internet, the clash of expectations and reality.
The only problem is that… This is his life and taking care of wounded, bleeding merman, calling himself Derek Hale, isn’t so funny.

HA! Leeeeeex is awesome, she likes my idea of this story and added so many into it already; and we will be working together on this! I’m really excited! soon more of merman!Derek in pictures and txts :D