kakumeiki valvrave



HAMATORA : Nice and Art

BUDDY COMPLEX : Aoba and Dio

ALDNOAH.ZERO : Inaho and Slaine

OWARI NO SERAPH : Mika and Yuu

Also in Owari no Seraph, coffeeship is multiplying because

Guren and Shinya

Are practically a coffeeship!

I know that coffeeship does have reputation in the super-angst relationship, but we have this in the first generation (aka Kakumeiki Valvavre) of coffeeship:

The Prince

the kid whose ancestry is questioned but the coffeeship fandom is sure he’s related to actually he’s their lovechild, no one can tell me otherwise Haruto and L-elf.

wait people actually said that Prince is made artificially from L-elf and Haruto genes. Is this true?


I’ll be the sweetness to your bitterness.

scrapyardparadise  asked:

What's one anime you personally enjoy, but can't bring yourself to recommend to others?

Let me fucking tell you about Kakumeiki Valvrave

Now this show starts off like a generic shounen mecha anime 

(which is why I started it)


Like I’m not even kidding when I say every episode has a plot twist and it just gets progressively more ridiculous as the show continues. It’s like the writers just clicked a random snopes page and said “Fuck it. We’re adding that to the story.” I mean this show has FUCKING EVERYTHING. 

  • Vampires
  • Thousand Year Time Skip
  • Aliens
  • Magic or some shit
  • BL teasing
  • Space Nazis

I mean the list just continues! It’s absolutely nuts!!! And I loved it. This show is something that you watch to be entertained from sheer stupidity and fun. Like a shitty B-Movie but done well enough to almost look like something good. But I can’t recommend it usually because you can’t follow the story, and there is like no story…

But it’s great.

Hosoya Yoshimasa, Miyano Mamoru

Exchanging email address

before they reached this point, Mamo was talking about how Hosoya was always distancing himself from others, while Hosoya defending himself. I guess one of the staffs asked them about whether they know each others’ email address or not

Hosoya: I know his email address
Mamo: It’s like that too for email address. During that time, I can’t mention the name but during the karuta (Chihayafuru) one LOLOLOL
Hosoya: No, it wasn’t the karuta! We didn’t exchange email address at the karuta one
Mamo: That’s true but you wasn’t coming during the karuta one, we know everyone’s address except you so you were the only one we couldn’t invite, and we thought that’s lonely so at the other work that I can’t mention the name, the youkai (Inu x Boku) one LOLOLOLOL
Hosoya: Right, right, the youkai one. I remember that
Mamo: No one from the karuta member knew your address therefore I asked you for it during the youkai one so that next time we can invite you
Hosoya: I really remember that. At that time, you had a purple cell phone
Mamo: I’m still using the same phone right now
Hosoya & Mamo: LOL
Hosoya: I remember that
Mamo: I’m still using the purple flip phone. Are you making fun of me you idiot! LOL
Hosoya: No I’m not. What I’m trying to say is, I remember that moment
Mamo: Yes. That kind of thing happened. So I know your address
Hosoya: That’s right. I know your address too

Mamo was laughing too much and his laugh was infectious. I need more radio with this two together. Also, this stuff is ancient, we all know that Mamo is using smartphone now

Miyano Mamoru

 Mamo imitating Hosoya
Kakumeiki Valvrave Web Radio
(When Kaji tried to say that Hosoya would’ve helped him controlling Jun and Mamo)

Kaji: If Hosoya san were here
Mamo: Th…that…I don’t know
Others: LOL
Mamo: Even if you ask Hosoya san, it would turn like that. “What do you think Hosoya san? Err aa… umm… I think it’s good” Wouldn’t it end like that?
Kaji: You really sound like him
Iwatobi Channel ES
(When Nobunaga said that he saw Mamo and Hosoya doing the fistbump in the studio and Mamo talked about Hosoya’s reaction)

Mamo: That… Miyano san’s hand is warm
Nobunaga: *laughing*
Mamo: LOL When I say, “That is your reaction? No, it’s important…I’m bad
Nobunaga: It’s similar
Mamo:I’m not really good with people… your body temperature… that might be a conversation starter… so for me that’s important.“ He said that
Nobunaga: It sounds like him!
Mamo: LOL
Nobunaga: It really sounds like him! What you’re saying and the way you say it are so like him. That’s awesome
Iwatobi Channel ES Radio CD
(When they were talking about how Tatsun and Mamo are the “hunter” and Hosoya and Nobunaga are the “hunted”)

Mamo: I wonder how people see it that way?
Hosoya: That’s true
Mamo: That’s true
Hosoya: I want to know that
Mamo: I want to know that
Hosoya: Why is that
Mamo: I wonder why is that
Hosoya: We are all guys so
Mamo: Right. I wonder how they see it that we are the “hunter” and you guys are the “hunted”
Hosoya: That’s right
Nobunaga: Stop imitating Hosoya san!
Others: LOL
Nobunaga: Miyano san, because you did a really good job right there
Mamo: The listeners would think that there are two Hosoya san
Hosoya: LOL It’s like bunshin no jutsu
Mamo: Maybe it is bunshin no jutsu just now

bunshin no jutsu-cloning technique used by ninja-