a list of karkat nicknames i have collected over the years

because someone (cough @imlovedavestrider cough) seems to doubt my naming abilities

We’ll start simple, some cringey and overused, but all nicknames now count. if anyone has any they’d like to add please do i want to make this list as long as possible

- karkat vantas. simple enough, his canon name

- kakrat vatnas. a fucking hilarious nickname from my own typo that became a running joke of an old chat

- kitkat, karkles, karkle sparkle, etc. seriously these are just given

- fuck you karkitty doesnt count at all get that shit out of my face

and now for some of my personal favourites and ones ive used countless times as a winging-it starter on like parp

- karkahontas

- karkachu

- karkatniss

- karmart

- karkart

- karkarot (like. goku)

- vantass. another given but it deserves its own spot because its just. goddamn