littlemikleo-deactivated2017041  asked:

What ships do you like? I like Sormik, kakorie and amelapidot. What ships are yours. I gave one gay ship one het ship and one lesbian ship. 🙂

Hmmmm, the only fandom I participate in is Voltron at the moment, so there I like Sheith as my OTP with Hance, Kallura, Shallura, Shunk, and Heith. Oh, and HunkxShay! :) It is my constant heartbreak there’s not more women to ship in Voltron.

I do admit, I still have a soft spot for Sciles in Teen Wolf, along with Stalia, Scira, Malira, Kirallison, Scolia. 

Huge fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine and I feel Jake and Amy on a spiritual level, I want to be them. Plus way too many things in Marvel comics to name.

Basically, if two people are best friends, I ship it. This goes triply for ladies.