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Anyone know where to watch Whose is the Cuckoo's Egg? (Kakko no Tamago wa Dare no Mono) with sub? I have try dramacool and dramanice, but they haven't sub yet. I really want to watch it, the cast are great, there are Tao Tsuchiya, Kanata Hongo, and Mahiro Takasugi. Thanks

Anyone from our dear followers know? comment below.


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All the odd music asks except 7# por favor

Ooh god. Here we go!

1. what album do you feel best describes your mood
Right now, mayyybe Beautiful Freaks by Eels.

2. if your name had to be a song title which song would it be
Nebel by Rammstein maybe. Because I like this song and because I like this noun (German is pretty)

3. what is your go to sad song when you need to cry
For a long time it was Wash Away the Poison, by Edguy, and now there are many many maaany others. Mostly by Sonata Arctica. Like Tallulah. (this bitch. breaking Tony Kakko’s heart, walking hand in hand with the drummer of the band D8) (sorry)

4. what band would you want as the rest of your superhero team
Edguy, of course, I mean, they already have a song called Superheroes, I can’t pick another band.

5. if you had to live in the world of an album which one would it be and why
Vexillum’s UNUM, because yay for epic stories :’)

6. what song best describes the person you think your soulmate would be
Aftermath by Muse? everbody cries now. I don’t know, Muse has really beautiful love songs, so this one is just an example

8. which album art would you get tattooed
This one reminds me that years and years ago I’ve seen a picture of a girl with the album cover of Words Untold & Dreams Unlived by Serenity and I’ve never been able to find this picture again. Anyway, I have no idea if it could possibly become a tattoo because of the amount of details in it, but Thobbe Englund’s From The Wilderness is my favourite album art ever. So pretty. Chris Rörland is one talented guy.

9. is there a song that you feel could have been written about you
Maybe The Asylum by Edguy? I mean, it’s my all-time favourite song, but other than that, some parts of it resonate within me. I feel like such a stereotype for saying that.

10. if you could only speak in the song lyrics of one artist who would it be
I have no idea to be honest. Sorry :’)

11. if you could have your favorite artist sing one of their songs to you which song would it be
Answered this one! @ Tobi, pls sing The Asylum to me, I promise I’ll be nice and stop making fun of your hats if you do.

12. describe where you want to be in ten years with a song title
Can it be “where” like, “in which state of mind”? because if so, Feeling Good :’)

13. which song would be the national anthem of your country if you ruled one
Welcome Liberty by Orden Ogan, more because of how amazingly epic it is than for any other reasons.

14. what is your go to happy song when you need to feel better
Heart of a Warrior - Freedom Call (with the heart of a warrior we fight OH OOOOH) (sorry)

15. is there an album that feels like a friend to you
As Daylight Breaks by Serious Black. Mostly because I associate the most awesome memories with this band, and for now it’s their only album, so.. :’) (the other one is released soon) (AAAA so excited!)

16. what is the album that you always blast too loud
Appetite for Destruction - Guns N’Roses

17. which album do you always listen to with headphones
Every album, because I’m almost always in the living room and my mother doesn’t like my music too much.

18. what song are you unable to resist dancing to
Need Her by H.E.A.T or any glam rock/metal song tbh.

19. what song do you always have to sing along to
There are so manyyy. The first one that came to my mind was Farewell by Gamma Ray, not sure why, but I do sing along to it :’)

20. what song do feel would be a beautiful painting
Lost in Space by Avantasia ♥

21. what album do you wish you could unhear and discover again
If that means I don’t associate some memories to it anymore, then Pariah’s Child by Sonata Arctica.

22. which album do you want to be the soundtrack to your life
Did it! Can’t even remember what I answered, wait. Oh yeah, Eternity by Freedom Call!

23. which band would you want to be your family
why do I want to marry at least one band member in every band, that makes it gross
I’d say Freedom Call though, because they’re adorable and really nice and I love them so much.

24. what song do you think of in association with beauty
In the Dark by Sonata Arctica? I don’t know, I can’t be objective, it’s one of my favourites and it’s beautiful.

25. what song do you think of in association with pain
Hole in my Soul by Apocalyptica, maybe. I don’t know, back when it was released, it hit hard and seeing how I was feeling back then, I guess it’d work pretty well with pain, eh.

26. what lyrics do you feel were written especially for you
How ridiculous is it if I answer with “Get up, you’ve made it this far! No loser you are! One more time, one more try!” from Stand up and Fight by Turisas? Probably very. That’s too bad.

27. what lyrics do you want to doodle on every piece of paper
“Boogeyman was sought and found
Boogeyman has found a home
In the heart of fire
He’s found the Asylum.”
(of course.) (already have it in my tumblr description thing.)

28. what music do you listen to at 3 am
I’m usually asleep at 3am, so if I’m not I’m likely trying to fall asleep, and uh.. once I fell asleep with Ein Lied by Rammstein, so let’s say this one.

29. pick three albums to take with you into the afterlife
Edguy - Mandrake
Vexillum - The Bivouac
Freedom Call - Eternity

30. what is music to you in one word
Life. So original, woaaah. :’)

BOY, do I repeat the same bands over and over again, sorry about that, thanks for the questions though!! :) Edit: just realised the actual thing was called “odd music asks” and i understood the ask as the odd numbers. I’ll try to remember to answer the others tomorrow, I feel stupid :’)

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hello, thank you very much for this useful and wonderful blog! and i would also like to request for the latest raw jp/cn chapters of koimonogatari (tagura tohru) and the raw jp/cn volume of Danshi Koukouseiteki Kazoku Keikaku! (umiyuki lily)! thank you so much!!

i dont have both right now but i have some of umiyuki’s raws i havent released if u wanna?

left: kakko warui hinata-kun
right: otona-chan

Weekly World Music: Gagaku Performance

Generally eery and unsettling to Westerners, Gagaku (lit. “elegant music”) is the oldest classical music in Japan, and the traditional music of the Imperial court. A gagaku ensembles consist of three wind instruments – hichiriki, ryuteki, and sho (bamboo mouth organ used to provide harmony) – and three percussion instruments – kakko (small drum), shoko (metal percussion), and taiko (drum) or dadaiko (large drum), supplemented by gakubiwa.

This performance begins with kangen– a concert for winds, strings and percussion– and finishes with a bugaku performance, played to accompany dancing, and for which the stringed instruments are omitted. Both were recognized as National Treasures in 1955.