kaki skirt

The average American school dress code does NOT prepare children to dress in professional settings.

American school dress codes, on average, DO NOT prepare students for professional dress. That is part of the problem: inconsistency. 

Denim shorts and Family Guy T-shirts are FAR more unprofessional than a tank top with less than finger-width straps, and yet you don’t see graphic tees being banned by these dress codes.

IF school dress codes prepared students for professional settings, that would be fine. Full length nice, clean jeans, kakis, slacks, or skirts. Button up tops and blouses or polos. Flats or dress shoes. That’s it.  THAT would be a consistent and professional dress code. 

It is not what we see in schools. Schools that allow “Cool Story Babe, not make me a sandwich” t-shirts, but not thin strapped tank tops is NOT teaching children to dress professionally. It is teaching children that a 12 year old girls collar bone is something to oogle at and that young girls should be punished for not covering up “enough.”  They teach body shaming.