kakhi shorts


Warning: Contains smut. read at your own risk.

TF character: Liam Dunbar.

Summary: You are in heat and need Liam to help you because you don’t really know anyone else.

(a/n:) I know I already did one for Liam but this came to be and i had to write it!

You were knew at this whole werewolf thing, being only turned two months ago you had no idea what you were in store for, with the constant changing, having to control your anger, and right now the endless pool of arousal in your pants. Not only were you begging for relief, your body started feeling a physical tole, as if you were being skinned alive. This was awkward, waiting for Liam to return, you sitting on his bed. It’s not like you meant to show up uninvited, but know one else came to mind that was trustworthy or whom you would feel comfortable around.

Every second spent there burned, your skin hot, the puddle between your legs making you have to squeeze your thighs together for some kind of friction or release. Laying against the bed, you let out a whine,  with the pain and aching of your core. Being so lost, you barely noticed the door swinging open, and the moment it did, Liam didn’t know what hit him. He has heard of heating, but never has been around a female influenced by the charm. The smell over filled him, goose bumps rising against the olive skin, and his cock hardening instantly. His cold glare made you fidget, once against squeezing your thighs, sending another sweet aroma towards Liam.

With that he clenched onto the corner of the desk, darkily staring toward the Beta in heat, his cock twitching against the rough material of the kakhi shorts. “Liam it hurts so bad.” You whimper, his knuckles now turning white due to his grip against the wood, it was so hard not to take you there and right now but he couldn’t; he knew he couldn’t. “Liam help me please.”

The way you begged his name left him shivering. “I-I can’t.” He barely chokes out, his dark pupils watching your every move. “Scott is the Alpha, you’re the beta, you must mate with him.” You shake your head, the heat of your skin making you moan out loud, tears of frustration running down your cheeks. 

“No, I can’t. I don’t want to.” You growl, making him sigh, “I want you Liam please, I can choose whoever I want.” That wasn’t true, you belonged to be mated with the Alpha, not some omega. Liam held his ground, standing up straight, trying to hide the fact that he needed you, he wanted you so bad.

“Liam please.” You beg once again, spreading your legs letting your scent run across the room, to reach Liam, the heavenly smell making him gasp. He couldn’t control this, deep down inside his wolf wanted her, wanted to knot her, to mate her, but then the other half didn’t want to betray his Alpha.

The fire that danced across your skin, reached your stinging, soaked, swollen core. The cry being the last straw for Liam as he feel to his knees in front of you, his rough hand pulling the grey shorts down your legs, throwing them wherever. “You smell so good.” He finally says, “I can’t take it anymore..”

And with puckered lips he met with your shinning heat, a real moan finally let off into the air. Taking his arms, and wrapping them around your thighs as a way to secure you from moving too much or away from the relief he was finally giving you, of course it was a good thing but you were just so sensitive. Removing his right arm, to sink two fingers into your heat, groaning at the tightness around him, before roughly bringing back and thrusting deepily into your pussy.

“Liam.” The name falling effortlessly as the pale, white fingers play with the golden locks of hair watching him devour her pussy, and beat it along with his fingers. He feels the tightening of your walls again his fingers and he licks a stride against your clit before looking up at you. His finger soaked in your heat, your pussy juice staining the bed sheets, as he continues the brutal assault. “Look at me.” You couldn’t find yourself to, as the heat inside your stomach grew hotter and hotter. “I said look at me.” His free hand cups your chin, making you whine looking into the eyes of Liam. “This is my pussy.” He growls, “You’re mine now.”

Your nails dug deep into the clothed shoulder of the teenager as a hot wave approached, Liam milking you over your cum, his fingers covered in sticky, white cum. “Move up on the bed.” He commands and of course you follow.

Part 2? (;

Can you imagine sam going to a school that reqiures uniforms, and he’s really uncomfortable about wearing polo shirts and kakhi pants/shorts and dean is by his side while they go shopping for his uniform and sams trying on a few different things and he starts getting worried about wearing them becuase he’s never done it before, so dean leaves his side for a few minuetes to go find something.

and when sams about to leave for school the next morning, dean walks out of the bathroom wearing the same thing. a navy polo shirt and khaki coloured pants, “did you think i’d leave you hanging on your own sammy?” and sam just like swoons because his big brother is doing it for him, wearing something he hates just because sams scared of wearing it.