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“Oh~ I wonder who in think the world Mr. K.H would be….if only we knew”

Haha, jk. We know it’s you Kakashi;
Why you trying to hide your identity? We won’t judge you…cause I know a lot of people who have the same interests and mind as you (including me)

But I really love his answer/review about Icha Icha

(Form Naruto the official fanbook by Masashi Kishimoto; February 2008)

okay but imagine this…Kakashi passes team seven as per usual but he gets home and his first thought is, “how the hell am i going to let these kids know i at least somewhat care about their well being?” It bothers him all day and night until finally, sleep deprivation works it’s magic and he’s like, “I KNOW!! A good hand resting on your head for an uncomfortable amount of time ought to do the trick!” And then he meets with them and the first thing he does is slap his hand on Sasuke’s head and just stares at him with an intense passion to show he cares in his wild-looking eyes. “Yes. Yes. Hand on head, caring.”

And eventually it just sticks and genin baby Team Seven just suck it up and deal with it.

Fans expectation of the Naruto Hiden novels
  • Sakura Hiden expectations: oh sure the girl gets the romantic SasuSaku novel...
  • Sakura Hiden reality: Sakura beats up the dude that tried to kidnap her and funds a Children't Hospital
  • Shikamaru Hiden expectations: Shikamaru on a mission and re-discovering himself
  • Shikamaru Hiden reality: all of that plus ShikaTema everywhere
  • Naruto the Last expectations: NaruHina romance!!!
  • Naruto the Last reality: all of that plus mythology, World building and the whole team kicking ass
  • Gaara Hiden expectations: forced Gaara romance...
  • Gaara Hiden reality: the romance comes from 2 different couples, neither couple involves Gaara, lots of politics and a hardcore death
  • Konoha Hiden expectations: we already had a NaruHina story!!!!
  • Konoha Hiden reality: character development for every character and there's NaruHina only in one chapter

Last Medley

after reading the latest chapter of the last hirameki, the image of kakashi playing a last song for his dying grandfather got stuck in my mind. :(
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Well I was gonna say since the age of sexual consent is 18 in Japan doesn't it contradict Kaka/Saku (added the slash so it will not appear in the tags)

Out of curiosity I decided I would check my own fanworks to see how old Sakura is when she’s depicted having sex with Kakashi:

I Think I Read About This Once In Icha Icha: “How was it that she was barely twenty years old and already felt like an old maid?”

Your Most Important Person: “And when you turned eighteen, you were in Suna, and since you’ve come back we’ve both been so busy…”

Walk of Shame: “We’ve been flirting like crazy for two years, had sexual tension for four years, been comrades for six years, and known each other for ten years, we’re finally about to do it and this is what you say to me?” (Sakura must be 22.)

To Give Is To Receive: Sukea:  “It’s been over ten years since I showed my face out here, so…” Sakura must be at least 23. (I actually mentally assumed her to be around 26 or 27 in this story, and for her and Kakashi to have gotten married when she was around 21.)

Open Up My Eager Eyes: Naruto to Sasuke: “You missed my wedding, bastard!” Sakura must be at least 20.

So much for my own work. Obviously, it’s totally possible to have KakaSaku in which both parties are above the age of 18.

Through the magic of fanfiction, it is also possible to have KakaSaku in which they’re the same age, or in which Sakura is Kakashi’s teacher, or in which time travel is involved.

And of course, the Shinobi world isn’t Japan. In Japan, this kind of thing is not legal:

Originally posted by charizaard

Ah, remember when Anko told a bunch of thirteen year olds the rules permitted killing each other with no penalty? Remember how Gaara did kill some other teenagers with no penalty? Good times.

Moreover, in the manga, Shikamaru is shown smoking at age sixteen, which is definitely under the legal age in Japan, and nobody gives a shit, including when he’s smoking right in front of the Hokage.

Basically, absent any information in canon about what the age of consent is and how strictly it’s enforced (because a law that isn’t actually enforced might as well not exist), I honestly don’t have any problem with fic that depicts Sakura having a sexual relationship with Kakashi aged 16-17, even though I don’t write it myself. I mean, I enjoy Sense and Sensibility, in which 35-year-old Colonel Brandon falls in love with 16-year-old Marianne Dashwood. I have different standards for historical and fantasy works than for modern real life.

If it squicks you, that’s valid! You don’t have to read it! :D