kakashi chibi

Types of Kakashi

1.Chibi Kakashi- Smol and angry. Rejects the sandwich you prepared for him because he made a gourmet meal while you were looking for the bread.  

2. Anbu Kakashi- Needs a hug, like woah.  Can’t sleep very well, and wants to die 90% of the time.

3. Prophet Kakashi- He has seen your future, and your future is death.  Amount of fucks given: Zero.

4. Jonin Kakashi- Is in the process of learning what it means to be a person.  Gives terrible advice.  (also known as Kakashi-sensei)

5. Icha Icha Kakashi- A cuddle monster, prone to blushing.  If that hug offer is still available, he would like it.

6. Hobo Kakashi- Wears the same flak jacket for a year. Skips out on the dinner bill, and loiters in trees instead of reading in his apartment.

7. Humble Kakashi- Saves the world.  Thinks he did nothing. 

8. Rokukashi- Can model a blanket like no one’s business.  Terrible at winking.

9.  BFF Kakashi- Elusive and ridiculous.  Generally, this Kakashi is happy with his place in life.  Comes with Bonus! Youth Power!

10. Papashi-

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