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Kakashi Dad Headcanons

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  • Actually stops reading his porn books in the house. He does not want to risk being asked questions about them by his child as they grow older.
  • Totally the dad that was calm and collected while his s/o freaked out. At least until they got to the delivery room, then he just about flipped his shit.
  • Loves to take naps with his baby. Kakashi is always down for that.
  • Sometimes fakes being asleep when the baby wakes up crying in the night, but he’ll make up for it by telling his s/o to go have a relaxing day with her friends while he takes care of the baby.
  • He’s definitely more laidback about his kid’s education at the Academy just because he doesn’t want them to go through what he did.
  • Honestly he would be super supportive if his kid decided not to become a ninja.
  • Surprise! Kakashi is never late to any events his kid has, like their graduation ceremony or their chunin exams. He wouldn’t miss a single of those moments.
  • Lowkey doesn’t trust Naruto to babysit his kid (mostly because he knows all the kid’s gonna get to eat is ramen), but is all for Sakura babysitting.
  • He’s also the dad that likes to sneak up on his kid for fun. His kid better be good at sensing him or else they’ll get the fright of their life just by turning a corner (inside the home, outside, doesn’t matter to Kakashi).
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EP 483 - All about Kakashi

He had a recipe book for fish? And he is a freaking good cook, it’s official…at the age of 5. I assume he is five years old because this is when Kakashi lost his dad but was still in the academy….but damn.

Holy shi- look at that? What can I cook when I was 5? And Kakashi’s style? Please don’t tell me he make his own recipe?

And he did the chores…good child.

A great fishermen

First, his house is big and he is so tiny…how lonely must he be?

Second..he still saying “I’m leaving” and “I’m home” even though no one is greeting him back. All he got as a cold silent as a reply

I’m not crying…

*bawl my eyes out*

At least I know that Sakumo got a grave and Kakashi doesn’t seem like he is resenting his dad as much as I thought he is


Queen Matilda is back guys mwahahah

Matilda’s headcanon: Daughter (oldest by 3 years) kakashi gets to name her. Aiko (beloved) Ayaka (colourful flower) or Miyo (beautiful generation) are my options. She’d be very calm and very smart (Genma thinks kakashi got too lucky) Until Son comes along …. He’d be more like sakura/Kizashi. He drops out of ninja school when he’s a chunnin to pursue his band which becomes pretty popular (The Shinobis) He has silver Hatake hair but dyes it pink out of love for his mum & sister 💕💕💖Sakura names him so i’m thinking Sakumo or Takeo (warrior)

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