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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EP 483 - All about Kakashi

He had a recipe book for fish? And he is a freaking good cook, it’s official…at the age of 5. I assume he is five years old because this is when Kakashi lost his dad but was still in the academy….but damn.

Holy shi- look at that? What can I cook when I was 5? And Kakashi’s style? Please don’t tell me he make his own recipe?

And he did the chores…good child.

A great fishermen

First, his house is big and he is so tiny…how lonely must he be?

Second..he still saying “I’m leaving” and “I’m home” even though no one is greeting him back. All he got as a cold silent as a reply

I’m not crying…

*bawl my eyes out*

At least I know that Sakumo got a grave and Kakashi doesn’t seem like he is resenting his dad as much as I thought he is

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can i ask for itasaku or kakasaku babies please?

If you don’t believe Kakashi would cry at the sight of his child then I don’t know what to tell you.

The little guy’s name is Asahi and he’s a bookworm like his dad. In fact, his dad’s ‘reading’ is what inspires him to become an author. Unlike Icha Icha, he writes about a cool ninja duo that completely demolish their enemies. Of course, his mom and dad’s stories are what give him the motivation to write more!

Asahi when he’s older—

His favorite is Bull

  • -team 7 meeting Sarada for the first time-
  • Sakura: (rocking the sleeping baby) Isn't she gorgeous?
  • Kakashi: (tear-eyed) She is precious. You and Sasuke did an excellent job making her. (winks)
  • Naruto: The chubby cheeks are so cute! But not as cute as Boruto's though.
  • Sai: Let me see... (takes a closer look at Sarada) Oh no. Too bad. I'm sorry.
  • Sakura: (concerned) What's wrong?
  • Sai: She has your forehead.
  • Naruto: Oh no he didn't...!
  • Sakura: (eye-twitching)

“why did kakashi never interact with baby naruto??? he just abandoned him”

hhe was a an extremely depressed teen working in a secret government death squad