kakasaku week day 3

KakaSaku Week 2016 Day 3: Under the Weather

Kakashi makes terrible puns, much to his wife’s flagrant annoyance…

*Kakashi and Sakura are taking a stroll through a park near their house, hand in hand when it begins to rain*

Sakura: Oh c’mon! Not again! It’s rained three times this week!

Kakashi: …

Sakura: …

Kakashi: Seems like you’re a bit…

Sakura: Don’t you dare-

Kakashi: under the weather

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You can’t convince me that the great Sixth Hokage doesn’t make the lamest puns to irritate Sakura…

KakaSaku Week. Day 3 ~Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini~
“ Hey Kakashi why do you look so day dreamy and happy?” Pakkun barked. 

Kakashi looked at his dear canine friend and answered in a gleeful tone, “Sakura and I are going to the beach today and she said she bought herself a new pure white bathing suit”. Kakashi blushed as he imagined Sakura in her new bathing attire.

“Oh yeah, it looks great!”, Pakkun looked at a happily distracted Kakashi and smirked. Kakashi gave Pakkun a look of confusion.

Later at the beach…
“Say Kakashi, I don’t suppose you know what happened to my new bathing suit do you?” Sakura said with a slight temper.

“I have no idea, but the one you have on suits you quite well, if I do say so myself” Kakashi laughed nervously, knowing full well who the culprit or culprits were.