kakasaku week

KakaSaku Week

Day 1: Secret

They keep their relationship a secret not because of shame or taboo. But because Kakashi can’t help but be a bit worried at how their teammates would react. It’s fact that they both have surpassed him in strength and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous they’d beat him into next week, because they very well could.

Sakura, knowing this, takes great pleasure in his fidgeting while she sees how far she can go without getting caught.

KakaSaku Week Day 7: Relief After the War

“What’s with that face? You should be happy. We did won the war,” said Kakashi.

Sakura’s frown deepened but she hasn’t said anything nor made a move.

Kakashi sighed as he approached her, “Well Sakura-chan, I expected hugs and kisses. Maybe some tears and snot anything but that,” said Kakashi jokingly.

“Damn you Hatake!” said Sakura as she reached to embrace him.