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Yes! KakaSaku Month is coming soon!

We will have four separate images for announcing the prompts. Here are the week one (August 1-7) prompts:

Yukata or Kimono
Mission Report
“He desperately wanted to breathe”
Summer Rain
Myth or Fairytale AU

Do one or as many as you like, and don’t forget to tag your contributions with #kakasakumonth!

Thank you to @port-wind-waves for this beautiful art!

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KakaSaku Week 2016 - Prompt: Salty

“Not my finest hour. Hadn’t foreseen that the Godaime may have trained my ex-student in other areas besides chakra control. She completely drank me under the table, then called me ‘salty’, whatever that means.”

A Small Change

Day 1: Early Morning Visitor (Kakashi’s Drunken Confession)
Day 2: (Comfort) & Lightning (Summer Rain/Thunderstorm)
Day 3: Skin (Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini)
Day 4: Green String (Tan Lines)
Day 5: Second Guesses (Sakura Washes the Ninken)
Day 6: Sensei (Star Gazing)

KakaSaku Week (yes, from two years ago) Day 7: Shut Up and Dance
Author note at the end.
Also on AO3 and FF.N.

“What are you doing here?”

Pulling her focus from her glass, Sakura almost couldn’t believe he was there sliding into the booth in front of her. Looking around, she noticed the distinct lack of entourage, then looked again to see them blending in perfectly with the bar. Dressed as civilians, a few cheery and social while a few more kept their serious disposition, the Hokage’s ANBU guard really knew how to allow him to enjoy a night.

“I should be asking you the same thing,” she replied, turning back to the silver-haired man as one of the waitresses dropped off a second glass. It took nothing to fill the cup, sliding it to him before offering a toast and finishing what was left in hers. “If your answer is anything similar to mine, then we’re probably enjoying the same thing.”

An extra night away from the village, sitting in a bar where no one would recognize what her pink hair meant, quiet and isolated and the perfect moment to allow the turmoil finally settle before walking back into her normal life.

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KakaSaku celebratory period discussion

eyyyyyyy @do-you-even-kakasaku @itslulu42 and of course anyone else who would like to weigh in

I’ve heard a few people name August, how about the week of July 30-Aug 5? Or we could do the month of August with weekly themes/challenges. I’m kinda leaning towards the latter? 1. They deserve a month 2. Have a couple prompts for the week, people can pick one, it’s more relaxed.

KakaSaku Week 2017 (part of me doesn’t want to call it this because then maybe we can have ANOTHER KakaSaku week later???)
KakaSaku Month 2017
KakaSaku Summer Fest
Dog Days of KakaSaku (…I thought it was funny)

KakaSaku Week: Salty

Can also find this tossed up on FF or A03

Kakashi’s dark gray eyes were unreadable as he held his weapon’s blade less than an inch away against his opponent’s throat. Ignoring the sweat that rolled across his temple, green eyes glared back at him, daring him to move any closer. Feeling the tip of a kunai pressed against his chest, he wondered how in the hell they ended up like this today.

Sakura was straddled against his abdomen, her lips slowly tugging into a small knowing smile. Her face was slightly smudged with dirt, but by the way she was grinning she couldn’t have cared less.

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sea shanty

*rolls shoulders* *stretch neck* *crack knuckles*

let’s do this thing.


Kakasaku Month, Week One:  Yukata or Kimono/Mission Report/“He desperately wanted to breathe”/Summer Rain/Myth or Fairytale AU

i’ll have at least one longer piece ready for later in the week, but to get us started… i’m jumping on the pirate+mermaid au thing the fandom has going on.

Kakashi claws at the surface, trying to keep himself above water. He desperately wants to breathe, but if isn’t the cool dark below pulling him down, it’s the acrid smoke choking the air from his lungs and scalding his throat, leaving him helpless to resist the soft embrace of the sea.

It’s waves and screams and the crash of wood and steel and fire—the whole world in flames with only the deep, eternal respite below—and his arms are just so tired.

It’s blood, staining the sea and sky red.

(Whirling red, spinning crimson, screams trapped behind his teeth. And what are they, these men who are not men, who do not bleed the way men should bleed on steel? Kakashi’s friends on fire and all the world in flame.)

It’s blood, and he wonders how long it will take for the sharks to arrive. He wonders what will take him first: the cold, the fire, the exhaustion, the teeth.

Every paddle, every kick—the next even more impossible.

Kakashi coughs water, coughs smoke, as his head comes back up again, clearing the waves once more in favour of the acrid black sky.

He’s so tired. It would be so easy to stop.

Even the screams are dying out now and, when he can manage to blink his vision clear, Kakashi can see The Leaf sinking, sinking, sinking down amidst the flames.

Twenty years of his life—and everything and everyone in the world who remains to him—surrendered to the sea.

Kakashi gasps: salt and iron.

All that is left to him: the flame and the waves and the bitter knowledge that he will never know what Otherness came in the night and stole the world from him.

Kakashi claws at the surface but oh, drowned gods and hanged gods, oh but he is tired.

Kakashi closes his eyes, and lets the sea sweep him up, lets the sea pull him down.


Once upon a time—

But no, this is not a happily ever after. Not yet. Perhaps not ever.

(And yet.)

Once upon a time, a man surrendered to the waves, and the cool dark welcomed him down.

(hello hello hello welcome welcome welcome been waiting have waited waiting for you)

Salt and iron.

Flames and sea.

Once upon a time, a man surrendered to the waves and the waves—

(blood in the water)

—the waves swallowed him up whole.


Firelight, blood in the night, red sky dawning—

“Hello,” says a girl who is not a girl, who is the sea made flesh, who is sun pinked skin and fish scales, who is salt and iron and flames on the water, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Hair like the sky’s last blush as it kisses the waves, like blood in the night, she smiles with more than enough teeth to take him.

The sea smiles softly, smiles terribly, and Kakashi—

Kakashi drowns.

if i were to make this an actual facts fic, it’d involve mermaid!sakura and pirate!kakashi trying to figure out what exactly attacked The Leaf and accidentally stumbling upon fisherman!naruto and the mysterious sasuke. it ends up that the uchiha were a powerful noble family working for the corrupt crown under the regent danzo as naval officers, cursed by a sea witch for the death of her son to travel the seas as ghosts, never to rest.



and sakura with too many teeth.

… i am not writing this. it stays as is…

(but like, naruto is probably actually the secret heir to the kingdom, taken in by a fishing village as an infant. and sasuke makes peace with his family and gets their help in retaking the crown for naruto so that they can finally break the curse. and sakura and kakashi fall in love and naruto as king makes them the admirals of his navy and they spend the rest of their lives on the sea. (can you imagine going up against a giant flotilla backed up by half-fish woman with water and storm magic and mouths full of teeth??)


Written for KakaSaku Week 2016 day one. Prompt: Salty

Also on ao3 and Fanfiction

Naruto reached for the plate of cookies on the edge of the Hokage desk, but his hand was slapped away. He looked up annoyed, “Hey! What the hell? I just wanted a cookie.”

Kakashi smiled at him on the other hand of the desk, “Sorry, Naruto. But Sakura made those for me for my birthday.”

Naruto gave him a strange look, “Your birthday was two days ago. Why haven’t you finished them?”

Kakashi’s smile faded behind his mask and he glanced at the innocent plate of cookies. He looked back down at the papers in his hands, “Oh, um, she just made so many so I still have some left over.”

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KakaSaku Month Week 1 Fanfic Recs

Woo, it’s finally KakaSaku month~ I’ll be giving fanfic recs just like I did during KakaSaku week. There might be some overlap from then but I haven’t read many new KakaSaku fanfics in a while, so what can I do? lol I will be searching the kakasakumonth tag throughout the week to see if I find any new favorites however (might still add more to this list until week 1 is officially over :3). Let me know if any of your favorites are here! :3 

Mission Report

Mission Report # AF4927V by @eeearnest & @itslulu42 - Tsunade finds out through two mission reports that Sakura and Kakashi were very professional during Mission Fake Marriage. ;) 

Operation Ring Finger (One-Shot | Humor/Romance) by ArinaMaron (@arinamaron) - Rokukashi’s ANBU guards take their job very seriously. lol I found the mission report format very fun to read.

Myth or Fairytale AU

If You Believe In Magic (Multi-Chapter) by yunyu (@fineillsignup) - I found this gem yesterday as I was scrolling through the kakasakumonth tag on Tumblr so I saved it in my drafts and just finally got around to reading it today! I really love the amount of detail put into this fic and although it’s still ongoing, I needed to mention it here because I love it so much! hehe If you like Japanese mythology, be sure to check this one out!

Rough Seas (One-Shot | Adventure/Fantasy) by ElizaTellsTheStory (@elizatellsthestory) - I love Mereshark Kakashi so when I first saw this pop up on Tumblr, I just had to read it. hehe Bonus points for Pirate Sakura~ The writer also has this under the “He desperately wanted to breathe” prompt as well except it’s “[S]he desperately wanted to breathe” in this case. ;)

Sea Foam (Multi-Chapter | Romance/Drama) by moodiful819 - If I remember correctly, this was a fic I stumbled across thanks to Tumblr. :D I can’t remember if it was due to all the mermaid AU art going around at the time, but I’m glad I checked this out. hehe Sakura and Kakashi are so adorable in this fic… aaaand now I feel like rereading this.  

Storybook (One-Shot | Romance/Humor) by moodiful819 - Basically a Cinderella AU except Kakashi takes on the role of both the prince and Cinderella and Sakura is the exasperated fairy godmother. xD

Summer Rain

benediction (across your brow) by @mouseymightymarvellous - Sakura and Sasuke part ways with Sasuke totally shipping her with Kakashi. Enough said. ;)

Yukata or Kimono

House Calls by Spoiled Sweet (Multi-Chapter | Romance/Humor) - Chapter 7 immediately popped up in my mind when I saw this prompt. lol This fic in general has been one of my go-to rereads because it’s very relaxing and makes me happy. :3

Soulmates AU WIP

He was technically on duty, sitting in the shadows of a rooftop, watching for threats. He should not have been distracted by anything else.

Yet he could not resist counting down the hours, then minutes and seconds until the stroke of midnight would turn him sixteen years old.

When it did, he felt a burning sensation trickling down his side. Well, in one sense that was a relief. Some people got their soulmarks on their arms or faces or some other place that was more difficult to hide. He remembered how Minato-sensei’s hair would sometimes be lifted by the wind enough to reveal “Uzumaki Kushina dattebane!” written boldly across the back of his neck in crimson. His teacher had sometimes laughed in his gentle way about it, saying that fate was determined to make things easy for him.

He rubbed a gloved hand down under his cloak, but with his vest on he couldn’t feel anything different.

Kakashi knew he ought to just wait and look at it later, but the roiling mix of hope and dread within him was proving too much for even his level of self-denial.

He pulled off the cloak. The cold September night jolted away any tiredness he felt from five days in a row of night duty as he quickly unzipped the vest and took it off too. Then he pulled up the undershirt and attempted to read the writing. There was a bright moon, but with his sharingan covered up and the porcelain mask on, he couldn’t make out the words. They were written in a colour that wasn’t too contrasting. He couldn’t quite tell in the moonlight, but it looked like it might be yellow, orange, peach, something like that.

To take off his porcelain mask on duty was a huge violation of the rules.

Well, sometimes rules were meant to be broken.

With the mask pulled back on top of his head, he could make out that it said, “Gomen nasai, sensei!”

The dread pushed away all the hope. Numbly, he pulled the mask back down and reassembled his ANBU uniform.

When he met Rin the first time, he would have been five… the academy entrance ceremony… Rin, with her sweet, peacemaking nature, trying to cover for Obito who was late… she could have easily been apologizing to the teacher on Obito’s behalf when Kakashi first came into her presence…

He could barely remember that first year at the academy at all. Just little still images, like the place where they lined up against the wall before being paired off for sparring practice, or using a water jutsu out of boredom when it was his turn to clean the toilets. He only knew that Rin was the one who enabled Obito to attend the academy that year because she used to gently tease Obito about it when he was acting like he was ready to cry, saying that she didn’t go to the trouble of getting his documents for him for him to give up.

Fleetingly he considered the possibility that it could have been another student, but there was just no point. Hadn’t this been what he was dreading all these years since her death? What he already knew he had done?

He had killed his own soulmate.

The porcelain mask hid the tears that threatened to fall.

*cries* why am i doing this to him

Security || Prompt: Warmth

He was panting, bleeding, crying, gasping. He couldn’t breath. His lungs ached, his legs ached and mostly, his heart ached.

He felt like he might puke as fear continued to course through his veins, blinding him, forcing him into panic until he was sure he could and would collapse on his knees.

It threatened to paralyse him.

Where was she? Why isn’t she answering him?

He tried to scream out for her once more but suddenly he had no voice.

No matter how hard he tried to make a sound, his throat was muted.

‘Sakura!’ His mind screamed what his vocal chords failed to.

Fear gripped at him with fingers of steel, threatening to break him and suddenly there was no air. He couldn’t breath -every gulp felt like nothingness.

Kakashi’s mind started reeling as panic danced at the edges of his bleary conscious, teasing him, laughing at him until he was sure he was going mad.

But…is that…warmth?

His panicky mind snapped to the source of inexplainable comfort and latched onto it like it was his saving from death.


Warm. It was definitely warm, like…like a warm cup of tea in winter.

It spread through his body like a little bolt of electricity… flickering like a small candle, promising him safety and content.


Light. There was light in the suffocating darkness that surrounded him. A warm ray of sunshine reaching through a little hole in the middle of nowhere.

Kakashi focused on it; welled his breathing to calm down, welled his heart rate to slow down.


The silver-head gasped for air, his charcoal eyes snapping wide open.

Pink hair tickled his face.

“…Sakura?” He murmured looking at his wife, surprised to see tears down her cheeks.

He reached, through a haze, to wipe at them with trembling hands.

It was just a stupid dream, he thought to himself, directing his focus onto his clearly distressed wife. “Hey…what’s wrong?”

She bent down to kiss him. He kissed her back. “Nothing. You were screaming my name in your sleep and you wouldn’t wake up.”

Kakashi let out a little groan of embarrassment and hugged her to his bare chest. “I’m so sorry that’s just…I have no control over these.”

She nodded rapidly against his chest and sniffed quietly, hugging him closer to her and he enjoyed the warmth of her body radiating into his and igniting every cell.


His neck craned up to see the little figure of his three year old silver-haired daughter clutching onto her teddybear and rubbing at her eyes.

Sakura sat up immediately and wiped at her tears. Kakashi did the same, welcoming the little girl into his arms.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked gently, allowing her to sit between his legs and rest her head against her chest.

She mumbled quietly and barely coherently about wanting to sleep next to her daddy.

Kakashi smiled at the little blush that highlighted her cheeks and scooted to make some space next to him. “Of course you can, Misaki.”

And as he let her cuddle into him, another form of safety raced through him and he let out a contented sigh, the tiny warmth next to him felt like the sun itself.

“G'night;” mumbled the green-eyed girl, nuzzling into him and he bent down to kiss her hair.

“'Night.” He said and stretched his other arm so that Sakura could lay on it.

The Pinkette rested her head on his chest and stroked Misaki’s hair until the girl fell asleep.

That moment was very precious to Kakashi and he identified the frizzling feeling in his chest as warmth and security.