I don't care if they are canon or crack! My ships will remain in my heart forever!

Canon or crack, I will always ship theese pairings with all my heart because they are freakin’ adorable! >o<

Naruto: Shikamaru♥Temari; Orochimaru♥Tsunade; Kakashi♥Kurenai;  Ao♥Mei Terumi; Kiba♥Ino. 

Fairy tail: Gray♥Erza; Gajeel♥Levy; Alzack♥Bisca.

Bleach: Uryu♥Orihime; Shuuhei♥Rangiku. 

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❤️ any KakaKure?

Kakashi and Kurenai had an intimate adventure once that they keep in secret. It was on a mission and Kakashi was badly hurt. She took care of him. They were both emotionally vulnerable and Kakashi took off his mask in front of Kurenai. She complimented him and kissed his lips without thinking. Kakashi responded to her kiss and went further. They will never regret or forget what happened that night, but agreed to not mention about it ever.