30 Day Naruto Challenge

Day 29 - Favourite Rivalry

Kakashi and Guy

These two are too funny. For Kakashi who has lost quite a lot of people in his life, I’m glad that he still has Guy left and it’s because of Guy’s persistence that they became so close and I like to think that Kakashi is thankful for that because he has a comrade that he can rely on. 

Their matches are hilarious and even though Kakashi plays it cool, I think he takes it somewhat seriously enough to remember the score. That episode where Kakashi almost got appointed Hokage was so cute. Their friendship is so awesome. 

immyownbitchbitch  asked:

Domesticity Memes Can you do the second half for Guy and Kakashi

  • Who cooks normally? Guy. Kakashi is too lazy to make real meals.
  • How often do they fight? Arguments don’t happen very often, although they are constantly challenging each other to strange competitions.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? Kakashi will read Icha Icha and Guy will train. Being such elite shinobi, the two of them are both away from the village frequently, so they are used to being apart for long periods.
  • Nicknames for each other? Kakashi isn’t really the type to give nicknames, but Guy will call Kakashi “honey” or “sugar.”
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? They take it in turns.
  • Who steals the covers at night? Guy. He’s a particularly restless sleeper.
  • What would they get each other for gifts? Guy would get Kakashi some new kunai. Kakashi would get Guy something expensive such as a watch.
  • Who kissed who first? Kakashi kissed Guy.
  • Who made the first move? Kakashi.
  • Who remembers things? Guy. Kakashi is hopeless with remembering small details.
  • Who started the relationship? Kakashi.
  • Who cusses more? Kakashi. Guy only swears when the situation truly calls for it.
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? Kakashi would jump straight into action and find some way to heal him immediately. Guy would be more emotional, but would still remain composed.

-Admin Will

mc-la-sorciere  asked:

♡ Guy/Kakashi (because I just finished Naruto SD Rock Lee no seishun full-power ninden and it's kind of way too implied (=^_^=)V ) if you can't, it's ItaNaru

KakaGuy : Kakashi once asked Guy how come he doesn’t sweat abundantly after so much training and Guy shares his secret: “It’s because of my super stretchy green outfit, you should try it.” Kakashi is too curious not to try it on. The moment Guy sees Kakashi wearing his perfect green uniform (which Guy made especially for Kakashi - it includes a green mask), he throws hearts in the air and glomps the copy ninja. “Kawaii! Never take it off, Never!” But Kakashi feels too embarrassed to wear it in public, so they make a pact for Kakashi to wear it whenever they are alone. It’s Guy’s biggest fetish came true.

ItaNaru: Itachi blushes every time he watches Naruto eating Ramen. He gets turned on by Naruto’s lust for ramen, but he would never confess that, so he just stares at Naruto who doesn’t mind the Akatuki member until he is finished eating. 

Whenever he sees Itachi, Naruto knows he will get an invitation to Ichiraku’s. That’s why Naruto gets all excited when hearing Itachi’s in Konoha, without knowing Itachi has a crush on him.

anonymous asked:

Your username for the ship meme, guyandkakashi

okay we answered the meme on the ask right before this but here’s what we think of the ship!


kakaguy: like i can imagine this being romantic but also its kind of nice i think for it to be super horrifically platonic and idk gai is kiiiinda kakashi’s best friend? like im sure he can still be the best friend and support in a romantic relationship but its not quite the same when such an important platonic relationship becomes romantic. plus u know two dudes growing old together and eTERNAL CHALLENGEs(( gai would be sweet though ))


kakaguy: ughh the most platonic of platonic relationships., guy loves kakashi with all of his heart (really really loves him like wow) and kakashi would never ever ever say that but he knows that guy is very important to him. like when they were little guy had the cutest and biggest crush on kakashi but when he learned that kakashi was aro he didn’t settle for a platonic relationship those are never settled for they are just as IMPORTANT AS ROMANTIC ONES and the two are just !! always there for each other and guy knows not to touch kakashi and kakashi knows how to fix guy’s jumpsuits and !! wow !! the most platonic !!