r.i.p. to tyler joseph’s best pictures, which on this day were tragically deleted from his instagram. the first one barely lived to see two minutes of life before it was taken from us.

                       Sometimes to achieve the world one desires,
                       one must take regrettable measures.


by Poorly Made TØP Edits

Still Life
  • Still Life
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  • Against Perfection

And he was born without a sigh
And she left, without a fight
This is not God. It’s just the way things are

Be still, my stillborn brother,
And be still, my stillborn lover,
And be still

And he was buried without a name
She buried love, very much the same
This is not love, it’s just the way things are

Be still, my stillborn lover
And be still, my stillborn brother
And be still, my stillborn lover
And be still

anonymous asked:

Hey, i'm new here, can you suggest any good fics ?

Hello!  Welcome to the fandom :)

The Supercat Fic Rec Page  is the great place to browse and pick what you think you might be into/ in the mood for.
The List of The Usual Suspects you should be following/checking out.
We’ve had @supercatmarchmadness and  @supercatweek
(So feel free to check those blogs out) 
@residentgeekmonkey (as you may have noticed by now) is exceptionally generous and detailed cataloguing Her Fic Recs   

If you’re new, basically, our queen is @kara-lesbihonest​ and a writer herself. She has a fic rec tag  on her page. So, for the most part   just go down there and take her word for it.