The kaka is a cavity nester, meaning that it nests in the trunks of hollow trees.  Two to four eggs are laid, and the female will incubate them for the next 90 days, relying on her mate to bring her food.  Sadly, this means both mother and eggs are extremely vulnerable; introduced predators such as stoats and possums will attack a brooding female, killing her and devouring the eggs/chicks.  Ecologists fear that this is leading to a severe imbalance in sex and age ratios among the kaka, with there being fewer and fewer young birds and fewer breeding females.


The kaka is a member of Strigopidae, the owl parrots, which also includes the kakapo (third image) and the kea (fourth image).  This family of parrots diverged from others around 82 million years ago, when New Zealand broke off from the supercontinent Gondwana.  As a result, these birds retain primitive features not found in other parrots.


Minnie had been hiding out in her office at her club,her cousin had her boyfriend over and her brother has a friend staying and they made quite a lot of noise,which meant not a lot of sleep for her. She had fallen asleep at her desk when a knock on the door which jolted her up . “I wasn’t asleep,I swear”.She said as her eyes started to focus again.

iiv | outings .

cj × fergal. ( @xcoupdegrace )

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The kaka has been reintroduced to a number of areas and islands in New Zealand, but few reintroductions have been as successful as that to the Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington.  Six birds were originally released there in 2002, and careful monitoring of the birds and their nests has continued since then.  In spring of this year, however, it was announced that the parrots have done so well that nest monitoring will be ceased; the original flock of six has now grown to over 750!  Officials are confident that the kakas of Wellington can now take care of themselves.


inspired by @arystudies [X] and @diplomatsun [X]’s creative wallpapers ♥‿♥, i created a photoshop file for wallpaper building!

version 1 of the psd includes:

  • two templates (eisenhower matrix, to-do)
  • accessories
    • calendar
    • tape
    • ribbon
    • corner
    • lined paper
    • sticky note
    • thumbtack
    • picture
    • app shelf
  • decorative shapes
  • instructions + color palette
  • sample backgrounds (color, pattern, gradient)

all accessories can be customized, whether resized, pattern added, color changed, rotated, etc, etc, with basic photoshop knowledge.

(*tip: ctrl + j duplicates a layer!)

download here! (16:9 aspect ratio)

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One of the more unusual parts of the kaka’s diet is honeydew, a sugar-rich syrupy liquid secreted by aphids and scale insects. The kaka uses its brush-tipped tongue to collect this liquid from the insects in southern beech forests.  Research has shown that honeydew is a vital food and energy source for birds in the breeding season.  Unfortunately, this is one of the major issues facing the kaka, as introduced animals such as possums, rats, and wasps feed greedily on honeydew, and are out-competing the parrots for this vital liquid.


“The Kaka is Calling”, an oil painting by Maori artist Sofia Minson.  The artist’s website states that “Any sign of dawn is noted by the brown and red parrot, who is awake and awaiting it. Its harsh cry will surely ring out through the realm of Tāne (the god of the forest). One can say “Kua tangi to Kākā” (the Kākā has cried) and know that Hine-ata, the Morning Maid, is at hand.” 

A Maori phrase, “Ka tangi te Kākā” (The Kākā is calling), is used during prayers and entreaties for the gods’ protection, especially when welcoming visitors to a ceremony or gathering.

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