This picture often reminds me that Gabriel is not just some sugar-loving, sex-loving, and animal-loving small guy with golden hair and tiny eyes.


He’s an archangel. 

Maybe the youngest, but still, an archangel. 

He could kill you with a snap of his fingers, he could stare into your soul and learn every single one of your darkest secrets and discover all your memories, and he’s older than any human being can comprehend, and far wiser than any human being can possibly be. 

He knows things, he’s done things, and I swear to God you wouldn’t want to be the person who pissed him off

Despite his child-like, goofy manners, he knows what he can do. 

That smile proves it. 

Beware, little Earthlings. 

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Do you only like Destiel or are there other ships you enjoy?

Eh, I like other ships just fine. I mean, I feel like other ships are a bit of fun, you know? I don’t mind reading about them in fic or whatever. But to me destiel hits me at an entirely different level.

I’ve read (and written) all sorts of side pairings in destiel fic, and have enjoyed them to one level or another. Sam and Eileen, Charlie and Gilda, Charlie and Dorothy, Jody and Sam (that’s adorable just for the ship name of “Jam” i mean COME ON!), Sam and Donna (heck I’ve even read some delightfully refreshing and adorable Dean/Donna). Jody and Donna, too. I mean, almost anything works for me on some level as a side pairing in fic.

But what knocks my interest in Destiel into the stratosphere is the fact that I can see all of this subtext, this slow build, happening in canon. It’s not just “hey these two guys look good together and have some chemistry.” It’s not just “wouldn’t that be fun” or some sort of dreamy what-if scenario that’s based on just smooshing two random good looking people together.

It’s the same reason that Sam/Eileen made me sit up and blink, open-mouthed, at the tv. The exact same tropes were used to pair Sam and Eileen in canon that were used between Dean and Cas. Even though we only had two full episodes with Eileen and Sam interacting, all the cues were built in to their interactions that had been given about 10 tons of narrative weight between Dean and Cas over the years. The parallels were enough to apply the same sort of romantic tension to Sam and Eileen’s interactions that I’ve been mentally applying to Dean and Cas’s interactions for NINE SEASONS.

That’s why I ship Destiel like nothing else.

No other ship, ever, has prompted me to seek out this sort of fandom involvement. I’m no spring chicken. Even when I first started watching SPN (I was an ancient and creaky 37), I was probably considered “old” for fandom. In all that time, I have never sought out the fandom for a show like this; not only looking for fanfic about a particular ship, but all the meta and the analysis of pretty much the entirety of canon. Really, SPN fascinates me on just about every level, even if a lot of that fascination comes back to my personal investment and interest in the relationship between Dean and Cas.

It’s not JUST that relationship that keeps me interested in the show and the fandom. The mythology of the show, the relationships between Sam, Dean, Cas, and ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS, hunting and monsters, heaven and hell and purgatory and everything… it’s all fascinating to me.

It just so happens that the bit I’m most fascinated by is the part where the self-loathing human monster hunter who wears his heart on his sleeve has spent nine years growing to accept and believe in himself while a slightly broken angel with too much heart has spent the same nine years growing to reject the plans of Heaven to subjugate all of creation and to understand and completely love humanity… and that human monster hunter who wears his heart on his sleeve. 

*oh gosh I’m getting all choked up thinking about it while I’m sitting here watching 3.16 and knowing 4.01 is up next*

So no, I don’t really ship anything else the way I ship destiel. Other ships might be cute, or mildly interesting, but nothing else has ever engaged me the way these two idjits do. It’s a truly epic love story.

(final note: honestly for anyone who doesn’t understand why my destiel tag is “the scheherazade of supernatural,” read this.)

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I've got thousands of old drawings in my room, some not-so old and some REALLY old, so I wanna ask you, are these old drawings worth keeping?

this is LARGELY up to you. i’m someone that likes to keep them around. i had a major house fire where i lost every traditional piece i’d done up to the age of 15, and i lament about that on occasion. when you’re trying to grow as an artist, i think it’s cool to look back and see where you started.

on the other hand, i know artists who COMPLETELY PURGE their works. galleries, everything. they just delete or toss it all. but i think there’s a happy medium

i think it’d probably drive some people nuts to see the amount of old drawings i sort of just shred apart to experiment on, and the amount of sketches i just get rid of (digitally, anyway–i like to be a little more evironmentally considerate with traditional.) but if you think they’re taking up too much room or you don’t like them, maybe try to find a new purpose for the drawings. keep the ones you’re most proud of, or WERE most proud of at the time, and maybe try to revamp the old ones.

so i’d say some of it’s probably worth keeping, but maybe one day go through and do a “repurpose-or-archive” on what you’ve built up!

Anonymous said:

Hey, wanted to pop in and say I aspire to be like you, you’re kind of my role model. You’re sweet, and amusing, and an absolutely AMAZING artist. And if I can achieve even a quarter of what you have done I will be content

holy crap! thank you so much, that’s wildly flattering. i sincerely hope and believe you can go above and beyond what i’ve done.

Anonymous said:

Hello! I just wanted to say that I really love your art and you’re a big inspiration to me. I wanted to ask if you’ve ever watched The Sidekick. Rob and Rich are both in it, (I ship their two characters together even though Rich’s was on screen for like, a minute) and it’s really awesome!

thank you!

and….WATCHED it? i think the more appropriate question is


(my lucky lance is @xiuminsglasses btw!!)

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Early one morning, Lucifer tells Sam, "Sammy, the day we met is my birthday." Sam looks puzzled. "Why?" He asks. "Because on that day," Lucifer explains with a soft smile, "I felt more alive than I could remember, seeing you, perfect and beautiful you, I felt my life regain purpose. You gave me life Sam, thank you."

Listen up everyone, this is a PSA! Our boy Lucifer got a real birthday date now!

September 24th, mark your calendars!

Official Samifer Day AND Lucifer’s Birthday ♥

Originally posted by littleidiotgirl77

I absolutely, 100% support this! This is beautiful, dear. So, so beautiful.

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I feel like Castiel is the only one who isn't keeping secrets right now. Sure, he's off hunting Kelly, but that's the truth. He's hunting Kelly. Mary, Ketch, Crowley and Sam are developing secrets that looks like a ticking time bomb to me. Agree?

HAH! YES. And this rather neatly fits in with the entire Rashomon structure of s12, doesn’t it?

So if 12.12 has “set up the themes for the rest of the season,” according to Andrew Dabb, then the fact that each of them has some disparate bit of the story that when pieced together correctly might give them the entire picture, it’s also almost like because none of them have the entire story on their own, they don’t know that the ONE BIT OF INFO they hold is actually RELEVANT to the larger story.


*stops to cry about the narrative structure of s12 again*

*no really it’s effing glorious and i cry about it at least once a day*

Sam now has several more bits of the story than he did before 12.14 though. Dean, too… Let’s break it down:

Things Everyone Knows:

  • Mary was sent on the mission to Ramiel’s
  • that mission nearly got Cas killed
  • that mission DID get Wally, an innocent hunter, killed
  • Mary’s been working with the MoL since AT LEAST then and probably longer

Things Sam and Mary know, but Dean doesn’t:

  • Mary was sent to Ramiel’s SPECIFICALLY TO STEAL THE COLT
  • The Men of Letters had no idea how to even make it work until Sam told them
  • The Men of Letters intel on the Alpha vamp was REALLY SUPER FREAKING WRONG
  • Sam knows more about stuff then the supposedly superior MoL

Things Sam and Dean know, but Mary doesn’t:

  • their agonizing history with the Colt
  • that Dean USED THAT GUN to kill the demon that had killed Mary
  • That Dean once shot Lucifer in the face with it
  • That Jo and Ellen had DIED to give them the chance to shoot Lucifer in the face with it
  • That the demon who taught them to make the bullets for it had lured Sam into helping release Lucifer
  • That Dean last used that gun in 1861… 

I think I’m getting off track here…

Stuff Dean knows that Sam doesn’t:

  • What a fucking cold-blooded, vicious monster of a hunter Ketch is.
  • Like seriously, does his disgust with Ketch not call back to Dean in 4.16 torturing Alastair?
  • Or how Dean was under the Mark of Cain? I watched 9.22 today, and was reminded of Dean interrogating Flagstaff, flipping a table, and hovering over her growling out “There ain’t no other men like me”
  • Like, I think even DEAN sees Ketch as a sort of dark mirror of himself, as the WORST of himself that he’s spent the last year and a half trying to become BETTER than…

Also, why do I keep feeling the need to quote 4.22? After Dean told Cas that he KNOWS there’s a right and a wrong here… and essentially forces him to “pick a side.” Much like he’d told Sam…

It took him a bit, but in the end, not only did Cas pick the right side, he was willing to DIE for it. And did. And luckily God liked him and brought him back…

Hopefully this time around, things won’t get to that point before everyone agrees what’s really right here…

But in the meantime, all the rest of these puzzle pieces need to fall into place. Because right now, the people holding the “exclusive to them” bits of info don’t even realize that they might be important to assembling the big picture yet.

Slowly but surely, all the pieces are falling into place. Because this is Supernatural, all the pieces have sharp pointy edges and the characters are gonna get cut along the way… but they are assembling the picture. 

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Is there any form of art you're NOT good at?


there’s a lot of stuff i need work on. my tattoos are actually the secret to finding my weaknesses:

  • WATERCOLOR FEAT. FOLIAGE - i am….SO bad with watercolor. i’m impatient, i always want to go back in for details, i like to do highlights last, etc. 
  • 3D SCULPTING - and anything with clay. digitally, i think it’s just too much for my brain to handle. physically, the mess and steps make me so restless
  • MUSIC/SYMMETRICAL THINGS - i studied music for about 10 years, and while i can execute it, it’s never been something i’m good at creating. on top of that, i’m just quite poor at creating visually pleasing symmetrical things with ease.

but these are all things i know if i dedicate myself to, i could probably get passable at that. it’s excellent motivation!

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Before writing, I never knew how irritating, persistent and negative Doubt could be as a companion. It nags at you from the minute of inspiration to maybe years after you've posted or sold a story. XP

Yuuuuuuuuuuup. You and me both

I actually read something about this a while back that I’m never gonna forget. Neil Gaiman wrote a NaNoWriMo pep talk back in 2007, and he described how three-quarters of the way through Anansi Boys, he was overwhelmed by self doubt

he called his agent to suggest maybe it was time to give up and move onto another project, and… well, I may as well just copy/paste the conversation:

“Oh, you’re at that part of the book, are you?”
I was shocked. “You mean I’ve done this before?”
“You don’t remember?”
“Not really.”
“Oh yes,” she said. “You do this every time you write a novel. But so do all my other clients.”

Anansi Boys was my best friend’s favorite book. Neil Gaiman is widely respected and basically as legit as they come

Beyond that, if you’ve ever read On Writing, by Stephen King, he expressed the exact same fears. Despite all his success, he feels like a hack sometimes

So when I start to doubt myself, I just try to remember that I’m in pretty good company

We’re all unsure, we’re all doubtful, and we’re all just making things up and making the best of it as we go

And that’s perfectly okay

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Fergus Roderick MacLeod was left to fend for himself at a young age when Rowena abandoned him. Fergus grew to become a tailor and an abusive father towards his own son. He was so self-centered he sold his soul for three extra inches below the waist. He was overall a horrible human being who would've gone to Hell without the deal. So my confusion is, how does Crowley develop more compassion after ingesting human blood while still an actual demon? How is Crowley nicer than he was as a human?

I don’t know. Maybe because he’s had several hundred years to sit around and think about stuff?

He climbed Hell’s business ladder pretty fast. He went from new recruit to King of the Crossroads in under 300 years. Not bad, I’m assuming. Not to mention, he kind of excelled at that job.

Even after he became King of Hell, he seemed to be into the recruitment branch of operations far more than he ever was interested in the day to day running of Hell itself.

He was a natural politician. And after 300 years of shaking hands and kissing babies (that’s how crossroads deals work, after all), he’d gotten VERY good at negotiating with humans. He had to really understand humans in order to close his deals.

I think that kind of sheer exposure to humanity at its most desperate– because you have to be at the end of your rope to sell your soul– taught him some things about himself.

He’d had a LONG time to think about his own situation with his mother and his son, with the Winchesters, even with Cas.

Then they went and did the next best thing to turning him human again, with the weight of all that experience pushing down on him in ways it never had before.

Vessels influence their host

I’ve often read people talk about how angels and demons care very little about their hosts and will leave them to die or rot without a second thought (with a few exceptions), but has anyone wrote about the vessel having an influence on whoever possesses it?

Remember the True Vessel thing in Season 5? The vessel must be compatible with whoever possesses it, usually an angel or archangel. The side effects of an angel possessing an inadequate vessel are usually the vessel’s death and a restriction on the angel’s powers.

But then this unnamed demon said this in 12x01:

Unnamed demon: This is stupid. You think this is stupid, right?

Jervis: I think when Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, King of Hell asks you to do something, you do it. 

Unnamed demon: Whatever.

Jervis: Whatever? What are you, a 14-year-old girl now?

Unnamed demon: I mean, not right now. I possessed one once, but – Pbht – it didn’t work out. A lot of feelings and urges and ugly snot crying about how Julie’s with Craig Castle now, even though he’s total bae, but she’s, like, a busted bitch on ice. Hormones, dude.

Clearly, possessing a teenager has affected this unnamed demon, his personality is no longer the same. He was a bit more sensible when he last appeared in 10x21 and 11x22, but now he’s just whiny. 

Some say it’s because of the hormones, but if a vessel can affect its host in more ways than just making the host weaker, what do think it means for the host itself? Do you think possessing Castiel changed Lucifer? Do you think possessing Adam affected Michael too? Do you think Hannah developed feelings for Castiel because her vessel was affecting her.

@mittensmorgul pointed out that Castiel developed a taste for red meat in 5x14 not because of Jimmy still being inside with him, but because of the vessel itself, making Castiel develop previously unacquired needs and wants.  

This may not be something big, but I still find it interesting. 

What do you think, Mittens and @elizabethrobertajones?

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Reading your tweets on Twitter is fun. It's like you're constantly having an adventure and swinging between explosively happy, very concerned for safety (and sanity) and just hard working in general. I'm really glad you exist. XDD

this is actually a really great explanation of my twitter presence, and thank you

speaking of!!


i’ve been doing a lot of miscellaneous art this summer, and i’ve been posting most of it there. once spn gets back on its regular track, so will i here!! probably sooner just because i can’t hold that in for a ton of time

Anonymous said:

Nortons arms are just just so Beefy you feel? I want him to bench press me tbh

i sent this to him last night

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The sad thing about shipping a human with an angel (or a demon with an angel) is that, unless it's a completely AU fic, the human or the demon will die if they see their angel's true forms. It might not be necessary as part of a relationship, but still, there will always be this one barrier between them. It's just kind of sad really. Sorry for spamming you with sad. XD

It’s ok! I don’t see this as sad though! My personal opinion below.

I don’t find it sad because for me, Cas’ “true form” is this:

Originally posted by spnislife-com

Cas’ “true form” is not IMO his celestial form that he was born with. That was never who he was, it’s consistently shown for me in the text that it’s only what he was born as, what was forced onto him, like the colour of our skin or the country we originate from or gender for a lot of people, what we are born as is not what necessarily makes us who we are underneath in our soul. For me this is the key message of Cas’ journey and his happiness.

His is a story of self discovery, of transformation, of realising that he never quite felt right in the last millennia that he’s lived and he was never as happy as when he was Human, even with all the crap he still wants it and misses it (the PB&J analogy) and feels that this is truer to who he is than his millennia as an Angel. It’s not even so much to do with the bad things the Angels made him do or the brainwashing as I know some talk about sometimes, I think really that’s not the issue, he’s already well on the way to helping to fix Heaven and sort all that out because of course he still cares about Heaven and the Angels but I don’t think even when it is fixed that he would really want to go back or even stay on Earth as an Angel. 

The story I’ve seen being told is that he always had a general sense of being different, of never feeling quite right, like he belonged. In himself he was never happy as an Angel. He’s been torn, lost, worried. He’s focused on duty and never thought about himself and his own wants and dreams. When he was Human he had emotions, dreams, love, he thought about those things for himself… he smiled. His memories of being Human make him smile, when he was Human we saw him smile so many times even though there was so few episodes where this was the case. It’s a drastic change from Angel Cas. He supposedly lost everything yet this is the time we see him smile the most.

I feel that his story has been a journey to learning that this, this is what he wants ^^^.

So for me his true form is the one Dean sees, the one that I hope in the end he will choose for himself completely regardless of anyone else or his love of Dean, as this is IMO when he is happiest and his truest self :)

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I haven't watch the episode myself, but when Ketch and Dean went on a hunt, was Ketch using his motorbike? If he was, wouldn't Dean recognize it?

Yeah, Ketch had his bike. And Dean spent quite a bit of time following behind that bike in the Impala (driving to the motel for the vampire hunt, and then driving to the temporary MoL headquarters). No way Dean didn’t get a good close look at that thing…

He got a good long look at it in 12.03, and as far as I know, that’s the ONLY other time Dean’s seen it. But being a nerd for that sort of thing. And then in 12.14…

There’s no way he doesn’t recognize it as at least looking somewhat familiar… this isn’t the sort of bike you see a lot in the U.S. (at least I rarely if ever see a Norton around here… I do see an occasional Triumph but this is mostly Harley or Indian land as far as motorcycles go…). I think Dean would’ve noted it back in 12.03, and then been HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS when he saw it again…

At this point? I think Dean understands that Ketch has been following him around for a while now, and being the smart cookie he is, he hasn’t let on to KETCH that he realizes that. Because he’s also caught Ketch in a lie. From 12.08:

CASTIEL So, what? You’ve just been following us?
ARTHUR Not at all. We’re good dogs. We only come when called.

Well, Dean knows he’s been following them around at least a little bit… which adds weight to Cas’s assertion here:

DEAN And why should we believe anything that you have to say?
ARTHUR You, Halo. Do you sense I’m lying?
CASTIEL My name is Castiel. And… no. But the truth can be situational.

So Dean’s got an addition bit of information, too. Ketch is a slippery liar. Dean now has proof that Ketch was at least following them around at some point, and Cas couldn’t tell if he was outright lying, but he did sense something dishonest about Ketch. Seeing the bike again in 12.14 pretty much confirmed that to Dean.

And gave Dean even more reason to be wary, as well as insight into his potential opponent here.

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As a human, Lucifer starts drinking many cups of coffee a day. Sam wonders if Lucifer doesn't like sleeping, but Lucifer corrects him and says he wants to stay awake at night and watch over Sam while he sleeps, because Lucifer is Sam's guardian angel, is he not?

Oh, this is so sweet and precious, I love it! ♥

Despite all of Sam’s protests, Lucifer keeps forcing himself to stay awake to watch over him every night. Sadly, this leads to a very grumpy and sleep deprived angel soon, so Sam secretly switches out his coffee for decaffeinated coffee instead. Lucifer doesn’t notice, but on the first night alone he simply collapses next to Sam due to his lack of caffeine keeping him awake.

Sam is very glad that Lucifer finally gets some rest - and more importantly that he can cuddle up to him - and when they finally wake up in the morning, Lucifer is more than just a little confused. Still sleepy - his arms wrapped around Lucifer’s waist, a leg shoved between his and his head on the angel’s chest - Sam explains what he did and that he doesn’t want Lucifer to stay awake all night.

“You can watch over me much better when you’re laying next to me,” he says and nuzzled his face against Lucifer’s neck. “And besides, I don’t like it when you’re grumpy and tired all the time. Can’t you just sleep next to me and do your guardian angel thing while holding me?”

“Anything for you, Sam,” Lucifer smiles and presses a kiss on Sam’s forehead. “It’s much nicer like this indeed. You are very warm and comfy.”

“Mhm,” Sam hums, shifting a bit again so he’s more comfortable. “Let’s sleep in a bit today, okay? I wanna stay like this…”

“Me too,” Lucifer chuckles and closes his eyes again with a content smile on his face. Sam is right, it feels much better protecting him like this…

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