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as always, i don’t identify as ace and am open to revision if i get something wrong.

Tango is so, so confused.

He got what he wanted last night. He thinks. At least, it’s what he thought he wanted. He was sitting with Whiskey, and Whiskey was laughing at him (the good kind of laughing, Tango’s pretty sure), and all at once the smile fell off Whiskey face and he was leaning in and laying a hand on Tango’s face. And then Whiskey was kissing him, Whiskey’s lips warm and sweet on his. Tango’s heart had sped up and flown to his throat, and he’d kissed back, as well as he could. He didn’t know what kind of kisses felt good, because kisses … well, they were nice, but they weren’t the right kind of nice, somehow.

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Alive | Harry x Reader

Hey guys! I felt bad for not posting in a kajillion years, so i wrote this as a little apology!

Pairing: Harry Potter x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Angst.

You stood beside your brother, Draco, hands clasped in front of you and your head bowed as Bellatrix questioned the Granger girl about the sword the snatchers had discovered in their belongings. You flinched as Hermione let out another scream, your aunt mercilessly torturing her for answers. Draco grabbed your hand comfortingly from beside you, knowing you hated this. He did, too, but it was worse for him to watch his younger sister struggle through this. You turned your head into his shoulder, scrunching your eyes shut tightly as you tried to block out Hermione’s screams.

Shock jolted through you at the sound of someone casting a spell. Your head shot up, and your mouth dropped open at the sight of Ron Weasley and the now recognizable Harry Potter running to the rescue of their best friend. Your heart pumped at the sight of Harry, thrumming harshly against your ribcage - beating so loudly in your ears you feared he could hear it. 

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O K kids so here are some physical headcanons that I have with the heroes (long post kids) 

Aran: Biggest and strongest. She’s like almost (if not) seven feet tall. Has an ten eight pack and can lift all of the heroes at the same time (she probably lifts weights as a hobby). Her long, white, straight hair goes down to her feet (which probably is pretty freakin heavy but Aran has muscles made of titanium so she’s good).

Eunwol: Beautiful man I love him so much. Also BIG, not as big as Aran tho but close. Almost seven feet tall, like 6′8 or’9. Also eight pack but he is a bit leaner than Aran because he moves faster compared to Aran (who is better at carrying heavy stuff). Has been becoming stronger by training more and more with Aran. Has long, wavy, brown hair that goes past the waist.

Phantom: Average height like 5′9 or ‘10. Super lean and no real “chiseled muscles” like Aran. Basically he skinny boi. But it is due to the fact that most of his physical activities are running and parkour and such. Second fastest in the team beaten only by Mercedes, by a little. Got wavy blond hair but he cut it so it sticks up in places (all natural)

Luminous: Juuuust a tini bit shorter than Phantom, 5′8 (this annoys Lumi till no end and amuses everyone else in the gang). MUSCLES??!!?! THIS BOY?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH NO WAY HE’S A MAGE. A NERD. HE’S GOT NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, LOLOLOL. Lumi got a lil chub on him cuz he doesn’t move as much as the others, he’s a tini bit insecure about this but doesn’t bother him too much. He has white layered hair that he cut short (no more mullet thank god).

Evan: Sweet baby boy he’s still growing so he’s at 5′3 now (although maybe he won’t grow because Freud ended up staying at 5′5 for his whole life, but then again they’re not related so Evan might end up being like 6′10). Doesn’t have too much muscle but it’s there from his farming days and hours of playing outdoors. Still, his muscles are developing because Mir insists on moving around a lot (without carrying Evan). He’s got a head full of dirty blond hair that sticks up all over.

Mercedes: She’s been at this height for the past kajillion years and isn’t exactly set to grow anymore. Stuck at 5′1 she’s the shortest of all the heroes. She is lean like Phantom and thus isn’t known to have brute strength, but her slaps might suggest otherwise. She has long golden hair that curls around one another down to her knees.

Tal’s Bday Crack Challenge

I had real fun with my first writing challenge, and I got such awesome submissions, that I’ve decided I’d like to do another one to celebrate my birthday ^_^ This time the prompts are courtesy of Adventure Time!

Originally posted by blurryfandoms


- You don’t need to follow me to participate, but obviously I would love to get to know you!

- Fandom must be Supernatural, but you can do a ship, reader-insert, OC, or gen. It can be canon or AU - I don’t want to restrain any creativity of these fronts!

- I would like the genre of this particular challenge to be crack (don’t worry, I’m really easily amused). 

- One person per prompt at this stage. Please include the prompt in your fic. PM/Send me an ask with the number prompt you would like, and a back-up just in case.

- There is no word limit. Just please remember to use the keep reading function on longer fics.

- Please use warnings where appropriate.

- Use the tag ‘#Tal’s Bday Crack Challenge and @ me in your fic so I can find ya!

- My bday is 30th November (about seven weeks for now) - so that is the deadline. However if you need longer that is no problem what-so-over, just let me know!

- If you have any questions then please PM/ask me! I hope you enjoy the prompts that are under the cut ^_^

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