kaji draws


ok but mamoru miyano voices leo in the japanese version of the game


Sketch dump! Talking to lemonorangelime about Ao no Exorcist made me dig up previously abandoned ANE/SNK crossover sketches and add to them. (^o^)


Here’s the breakdown:

First row

Left: do-S Tattsun enjoying shocking the hell outta Mamo

Right: Mamo explaining his drawing of Elizabeth and glares straight at Tattsun for making him mess up because he shocked him so many times lmao

Second row

Left: Aoi Yuki’s behind Mamo’s drawing of Elizabeth, which makes it look like the drawing connects to Aoi’s body. Therefore Mamo and Tatsu completely lost it at that lmao

Right: Of course dirty-minded Tatsu asks about Kaji’s drawing and says something about it looking like kintama (correct me if i’m wrong) *slang for testicles* in which he gets kicked by Mamo

Third row

Left: Idk Mamo just IDK

Right: Mamo and Sora talked about fashion *her character, Elizabeth won for best fashion* in which Sora talked about what she’s wearing. Mamo then says “Your’e wearing panties?” (again pls correct me if im wrong) and gets smacked in the arm by Tattsun *I guess we can call him a polite pervert lmao*

Fourth row

Left: Fukujun and Tatsu drunk af

Right: Mamo being mamo

And I don’t need to explain the bottom row lmao