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dornedaily presents our Fancast Masterpost, a project listing performers, series, and movies useful for fancasting Dorne. If you have a suggestion that we haven’t included, send us an ask.

Ten of eliaofdorne’s favorite fancasts: Katrina Kaif as Arianne Martell, Avan Jogia as Quentyn Martell, Kaizer Akhtar as Trystane Martell, Deepika Padukone as Elia Martell Aishwarya Rai as Queen Nymeria, Hrithik Roshan as Mors I Martell, Iddo Goldberg as Gerris Drinkwater, Mahesh Jadu as Lewyn Martell, Sibylla Deen as Mariah Martell, and Supriya Pathak as Meria Martell