Oh!! Stop reposting!!! The OOR fandom takes this things seriously!!

This person, who happens to not have the ask box open, it’s been reposting gifs and edits who belong to a lot of people I really admire. There’s also one of my gifs, with the watermark and everything, but even if it’s just a crappy gif, I worked hard on it!! I don’t want other person to take the credit for my work!! So, please!! Don’t reblog from this person!!! 

Yesterday, I was depressed and asked for a Toru flood.

I am not expecting anything, nothing really. I’m not good with words but I want to thank my fellow Oneokrockers, especially Beth and Kaizenzori.

It’s not the Toru flood (no, actually there’s a part of it too. LOL), but the thought that you guys were there for me when I’m down and out.

So, guys, thank you, really. *sobs*