kaivanity  asked:

Hi, I am trying to start my own business as a young African American teenager. Do you have any advise you can give me? Also can you share my gofundme link. I would appreciate it.

Hi! To be a successful small business owner theres a few key things you gotta know.

Know Your products:

  • Do what you do well
  • Use quality materials 
  • Package it well
  • Know the uses of it

Know Your consumer: 

  • Who would buy this product?
  • Why would they buy it?
  • Can your target afford it?
  • What are they willing to pay?
  •  Will they advocate for you, your product or your brand?

Know Your brand:

  • Am I building my brand? Social media, word of mouth etc.
  • What does my brand say about my products and me?
  • What does my brand stand for?

Once you know your product, consumer, and brand you can begin selling. With the advent of the internet you have a million options in terms of how you will sell your items: Storenvy.com, Etsy.com, etc. You can even build your own site with Square Space etc. Starting on a website built for e-commerce is the most affordable way to start a BOB. It’s relatively easy to set up, easy to maintain and usually free or low-cost. 

Once you have everything in place its just hustling to make a sale, be where your consumer is, making sure your products are the best it can be so people will advocate for you and spread the word, making sure you’re on social media which is a free way to promote yourself. As a small business owner you are wearing multiple hats, you are the CEO (the visionary), CMO (marketer), CFO (finances) Research & Development Lead (creator, tester), and the employees (the sales guys, warehouse packers, customer service rep etc.)

This seems like a lot but don’t get discouraged. Being a small business owner is tough, but there’s so much reward. You are your own boss, you have your destiny in your own hands. So go forward and kick ass!

Also resend me the link to your GoFundMe please. I didn’t see it in the inbox lol.