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Anon who asked about TJ here. Thank you so much for you quick and informative answer! I have just one more question: On Suruga-ya, there's sometimes a kaitori price (and corresponding page). I googled for a bit but am not really understanding it--is this a buying, or a selling thing? Do I /get/ a second-hand book at a lower price, or do I /sell/ one?

Oh that kaitori is where they will buy your used items. So you do not want to buy those. I use Chrome and translate so you know you can select to see only in stock items. Also, I accidentally put kaitori link and treasure Japan gave me an error saying I could not buy. So that also helps :) you can also make your own account on Suruga, and create wish list for items. You can also select to be notified in email if the item! You want became in stock. Just in case you did not know of it already. I love it ;) soooo broke from shoppin’

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これすごい欲しかったんだよ( ;∀;)

でもこれ今オークションとかじゃないと買えないよね( ;∀;)?

買取でも高い値段だし( ;∀;)