kaito yu

Ayano Go joined Sato Takeru for Ajin Live Action cast. Movie opens 30 September 2017.

Ayano portrays Satou, an Ajin and also the leader of Ajin terrorist movement.

His comment regarding the role:
Even though there’s a gap in age and matureness from the original work (manga), for the Satou that is living in the (LA) movie, the nuance (of him) from the original work is very important. To bring Satou to live is not just the scally cap or other items, but also the body movement and communication, etc. Because the real charm of Satou is not just because he’s scary, but also his charming and casual style, and with that, I can portray a new Satou while still respecting him from the original work.

Sato Takeru’s comment:
(Just like me), he (Ayano) also loves manga, and since he’s someone who knows the difficulty of doing live action movies, we share the same thought about Ajin LA and how hard doing his Satou-role. The rest, we just did our best.

Another cast announced for the movie:
Tayama Tetsuji as Tosaki Yu (human), the head of Ajin Research.
Kawaei Rina as Shimomura Izumi (Ajin), secretary/bodyguard of Tosaki Yu. Shirota Yu as Tanaka Kouji (Ajin), Satou’s partner.
Chiba Yudai as Okuyama and Yamada Yuki as Takanashi (Ajin), the Ajins Satou and Tanaka recruited for terrorist movement.
Hamabe Minami as Nagai Eriko (human), Kei’s sister.

I’ve started watching Yu-gi-oh Zexal a few months ago and I just fell in love with Kaito. His love for his little brother is really deep and I pratically have a soft spot for characters who care a lot for their siblings. There I said it.

So have some love Kaito, because you’re awesome and a very well built character.