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Starmyu & Uta no Prince-sama

Team Ōtori & STARISH + Rehearsing


Tabitomo Vol.3 w/guests Ishikawa Kaito & Saito Soma

Ishikawa Kaito’s ore-sama character while eating away his imo okowa (potatoes with steamed rice and red beans and various other ingredients)

Ishikawa Kaito: Are you having fun? 
Ono Kensho: Eh? Yeah I am.
Ishikawa Kaito: Well, as along as you’re having fun that’s fine. Eat up.
Ono Kensho: How about you?
Ishikawa Kaito: I just told you to eat ahead. Look here. I’m telling you to look at me! You’re not looking at me! I’m telling you to look! Hey! Just look at me for a sec.
Ono Kensho: Yeah. Ok. Ok. 
Ishikawa Kaito: It’s tasty. You should eat up too. 

kaito-sama replied to your post: The sad part is I can probably grasp a muse for…

You have to let your revenge obsessed insane silly man child get out there though and grow so he can learn how to interact and develop and grow so that he can handle anything like u gotta let that muse grow like a flower u gotta put it ina bigger pot

I’m just going to put my hand inside everyone’s heads and mess up their memory so they will hunt Faker for me.

That’ll give me time to sit in ridiculously big sofas and laugh giddily because I expect no less from people I set my eyes on.