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Magic Kaito Chapter 34 Spoilers [English Translation] UPD
  • Kei: …comparing Kid to Buddha is a bit of a stretch, but it feels right anyway. <3
  • TN: Probably meaning is the other, but in this context mismatch word is used, and it has a meaning for an unequal competition. 
  • A: Geez… There you go supporting that thief again… Are you that eager to catch Aoko’s disapproving glare?
  • Kei: By the way, what’s up with Kuroba-kun? Don’t you usually go to school together?
  • A: Aoko went to his home to invite him… But he told her to go on ahead, as he wants to surprise…
  • [Kyah]
  • K: White… 
  • K: As I expected, white…

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So I’m writing a KaiShin RP with @lyradiceblood (She is Kaito, I’m Shinichi) and we start writing 15th May ‘17 and today we are “Most active topics“ and she is like “Kudo, what have you done with me? This ship is killing my feelings, stop please!” and I’m like “No! it’s the best you will ever get, so ssh!”

I love you, Sam, y’know? <3

Dragon Eclipse Ch17 Fragment

Having been through this once, Kaito stood firm when the two tall men appeared to block their path, staring up at them and wondering at exactly how ridiculous Soul Society was to have so many gigantic people. He was /hardly/ short, the same with Ichigo, and so many people just /towered/ over them even so.

“Who are you?” the first demanded, staring down at them with a narrowed gaze.

“You’re dressed strangely, and one of you is a Shinigami,” the second continued accusingly, fixing Kurosaki with a wary, suspicious look.

“We’re expected,” Kaito interrupted, before they could continue and before Kurosaki could open his mouth. A spark of mischief — and a desire to distract Yoruichi from what had just happened — caused him to pluck the feline from his shoulders before she could react, and hold her up to the two guards. He gave them his best grin, and said, “Yoruichi-sensei said so!”

Yoruichi squirmed in his grip and gave him a baleful glare, “The next time we train…”

Kaito laughed sheepishly, and shifted his hold so that she was cradled against his chest instead of dangling in the air like she had been. “Well, you /are/ our ticket in, aren’t you?”

“That doesn’t mean you can /manhandle me/!” Yoruichi complained, before looking at the two guards. “Sorry about that. I should have sent a bit more warning, but I was unsure as to the date we would be arriving.”


Starmyu & Uta no Prince-sama

Team Ōtori & STARISH + Rehearsing

things to note in the latest mk chapter:

  • kaito can drive a fucking motorcycle
  • akako draws tarots for kaito’s future in the morning
  • kaito and aoko walk to school together
  • kaito’s had a bike for at least a year
  • does that mean he had that bike even before KID??
  • blushes all around while kaito calling himself kaito sama just look at him he wants to take aoko out on a date
  • even to the aquarium
  • akako has gr8 aim, just fucking chucks a tarot card at kaito’s face JUST CHUCKS it
  • there’s blood at the latest KID heist??? implied to be kaito’s?? LIKE AYO WHAT IS THIS TRAP
  • akako flirts/trolls kaito with her panty colors A+ 
  • saguru and his bike knowledge … 
  • who wants to bet he knows it because kaito fucking rode that bike in a heist 
  • just to ride it again as his civilian self to show it off
  • kaito has no idea of his own school rules
  • hakuba, a transfer student, knows more about kaito’s own school than kaito himself
  • aoko proves KID’s face is insta recognizable even with his monocle, it was the hat that hid his identity all along

Masked Shouta from ライブ うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE LIVE 4th STAGE
Backstage Bonus Clip.

KAITO (怪盗) Shouta ~

imagine an orbomi wedding. imagine orbital urgently approaching kaito and chris. “kaito-sama, i have a most urgent letter to deliver…” and kaito and chris share A Look and tell him to go on. “it is… an invitation to my wedding with obomi-san!” and kaito’s like. what. but haruto is excited for it and chris tells him to play along.

imagine obomi delivering the message to yuma and his family. she throws it at yuma’s head. he gets a paper cut. “what’s this, son?” asks kazuma, and takes the letter. he laughs and shares it with mirai. a wedding. that is what it is

imagine yuma in a suit. imagine kaito in his usual outfit. orbital invited shark and the guys. they’re at a god damn church. there is no punch. vector spiked the oil. kaito and yuma are in-laws now. they congratulate the happy couple, but was this all really necessary

yes. yes it was. obomi is pregnant with blueprints

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