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so happy that your ask box is open. so can you do a male!kagome scenario where he realizes he is praticaly in a reverse harem anime heroine with the ammount of guys going after him when his friends (eri, yuka and ayumi) tease him about it

Well now, this was a fun one!

Kaito Higurashi gasped for breath as he ducked into the empty classroom, out running his fan club once again. It wouldn’t have been so bad, if they had kept their distance, were not mostly boys, not so perverted, and, oh, didn’t form the club, to begin with!

After the sound of heavy footsteps finally disappeared, did he chance to take a peek. Thank the Kami, the coast was clear.

“Higurashi-sama!” the cry had him jumping in a panic and looking for the closest exit to bolt.

The snickers had him freezing, a glaring pout directed towards his closest friends. “Evil women, the three of you.”

“Oh, don’t be like that, Kaito-kun. It’s just harmless fun.” Eri stated in a breezy tone, smirk still in place.

“Yeah, only because you get to watch from the sidelines, you’re not forced to participate!” Kaito thrust his hands through his hair, a clear display of his frustrations.

Yuka snickered, though, it quickly turned sheepish at the strained glare that she instantly got for it. “It can’t be all that bad? They’re practically harmless.”

“Not that bad? Harmless?!” he threw his head back with a groan. “They practically have this fantasy where I’m whoring myself out to certain individuals of our school.”

Ayumi could only blink. “You what now?”

“They’re having this internal war amongst themselves on who I’m with relationship-wise.” what he understood from the crazy people’s questions before he booked it.

“Apparently, Inuyasha and I have this love triangle going on with Kikyo. Kouga has this unrequited love for me. Hojo-san has a boy crush on me that he hide behind his… Hojo-ness? And don’t get me started on the details they fantasize about between me and either Nishikawa-sensai or Coach Naraku.” Kaito, at his point, was scrubbing at his face. “And let’s not forget Sango, who’s supposedly my dominatrix Mistress, or that I might be leading her younger brother down that path of sensual sin. Ugh!”

The three girls winced at the last one, mentally agreeing that was a little too far. Even if Kohaku was a freshman while they were seniors.

As they shared looks, only Eri began to snicker once again at Kaito’s sinking into a muttering mess. “You forgot that pervert Miroku that pretty much acts willing to screw anything on two legs. Or that junior Shippo who had to have been a kitsune in a past life.”

“You knew!?” Kaito’s furious expression was quick to melt into one of utter defeat.

Ayumi coughed and looked everywhere but at their poor, distressed friend. “They… they aren’t that quiet or subtle…”

Throwing his hands up in defeat, Kaito let out a loud ‘Perfect!’ that echoed through the halls. “So, the whole school knows!”

“Higurashi, is there a reason you’re shouting in the halls?” the deep baritone voice had Kaito slumping.

“No, Nishikawa-sensei. I apologize.” his entire posture was much like a puppet with loose strings, his bow, while respectful, was lack-luster.

A brow rose in question as honey-hazel eyes solely on the muttering boy. The girls were clutching at each other as they attempted to keep from turning into aroused female goo at the sight of the model worthy Sesshoumaru Nishikawa. But as they watched the scene before them, they had to wonder if the fan club had something going on… Their teacher had taken half a step closer to their friend, a barely there smirk curling his lips. Did it appear that Nishikawa was hotly eying their friend?

“Oi! Kaito, what the hell are you doing?” the call had all turning to Nishikawa’s younger half sibling as he approached them, his sports bag slung over his shoulder. “Seems the Coach had to bail today, so we-!”

“He and I already got plans, dog boy!” Kouga commented as he breezed past the sedated pace Inuyasha had been walking at. “Yo, Kaito, ya ready to head out? Ayame mentioned something about this new place we could check out!”

The three girls could only blink wide eyes as everyone that Kaito had mentioned, plus those that Eri brought up, appeared out of nowhere to argue over their friend’s free time. Even the two teachers mentioned were discussing off to the side, though their eyes were locked on their friend! It didn’t surprise them that they were forgotten.

“So… Inuyasha is the bad boy. Kouga the sporty one. Miroku and Shippo are the obvious flirts. Sesshoumaru and Naraku the mature seme…. And Hojo is… well I guess he would be the uke?” Yuka commented as the three of them stood there in a daze.

“Maybe… it’s not a fan club… but a conspiracy club?” Ayumi brought up. “I think they used to go on about ghosts, UFO’s, and something with the government before they focused on Kaito.

“So… does that mean, Kaito has his own harem, for real?” Eri and Yuka gushed at the idea.

“I don’t think it’s actually a harem unless Kaito actively accepts all of them, at once.” Ayumi then blushed and coughed into a raised hand. “And they are all actively… well, you know…”

“Daw, I don’t know who is cuter! Oblivious Kaito or shy Ayumi!” Eri cackled as she followed the same path as their friend had earlier, followed by his possible future harem.