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#choicescreates 11 : ‘’The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and amplifies the good.” 

“We had our fair share of bikering but in the end we’ve been through so much together” 

These two had one of the most difficult relationship in my opinion to the extent where they wouldn’t speak to each other for days, but in the end they always found a way back to each other, so they’ve inspired me the best ! 😊 I don’t have much to say about this piece but I like how it turned out :’) even if my drawing software crashed during the process aaah I hate my computer 

They’re cute together ♥️  Please don’t mind my background attempt 😂 I have to practice! 

at first I was going to try something with the royal romance

@hollyashton and @endlessraj that’s my entry for this week 

Kaitlyn and Mc belongs to @playchoices the artwork is mine :)

That’s all  ♥️ ♥️


 Coloring Pages News! I’m working on a new series of coloring pages for the off-season, and here’s a sneak peak. They will be available soon on Etsy…you can visit the store here. I’ll post a notice when they become available for download and coloring. After that, it’s show season, so I’ll be working on a few more Yuzu coloring pages featuring his Exhibition programs. :) Stay Tuned! 

Top 5 Challenge! Exhibition!

Kaitlyn and Andrew - Ghost Soundtrack

What I love most about this show program is the storytelling. The piece is very well-choreographed and well-packaged. The costumes are very fitting to the theme. The evident chemistry between the two of them is moving.

Piper and Paul - Let It Go

I love, love, love this song and I’m so glad that someone performed to it. I like that this show program shows a different side to Piper and Paul. I love the somber feel of the program. I appreciate the intricate lifts they incorporated to this piece. I would have loved to seen Piper in a more simple, toned down, grey dress to match Paul, but overall, there’s no denying that this is a great show program.

Madison and Zach - Slip 

Cool music choice. Costumes look great. Superb expression of emotions, as always. I love the whole table setting scene. It really sets the mood. A well-packaged show program.

Tessa and Scott - Sorry

I like a little groovy show program once in a while. I know it’s Bieber, but I think it’s good to see them do something of this upbeat, modern style. I love the cool music edit at the beginning. Great choreography. Chemistry for days. I like Tessa’s dress. A delightful show program, for sure.

Kaitlin and Jean Luc - Earned It  

This piece is pretty cool. Great choice of music. Kaitlin’s one-piece is gorgeous. Sleek show program.

Christina and Anthony - You Are So Beautiful

This young team deserves a special mention. At such a young age, they already have fantastic chemistry and great technique. This show program is a testament to that. It’s light. It’s heartwarming. It’s sincere. I find it very impressive that they are able to display such deep emotions at this stage. They have so much potential, it’s ridiculous. The fact that they won a bronze medal on their first Junior Worlds is just amazing. What a way to go for this team. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.


So here is the drawing I did for my friend, Mitchell Thompson. He loves Jacksepticeye just as much as I do, if not more. This is just a fun project with him inspired by (Jack), me by (Markiplier), and another of our friends by (Ethan/Crankgamplays). {THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS}

He has been my friend for 4 years and my clueless crush for just about the same. There are feelings going on with my heart, and confusion with my head right now because of him. But I’d rather keep his friendship than have none of it at all.

It would please me, and make him super happy, if the REAL JACKSEPTICEYE could see this and know the faces of some more of his fans. Thanks to Jack, Mitchell is going to make his own channel. So am I. (It would be quite helpful if you all could spread this around, please!)

I have Jack and Mark to thank for bringing such a wonderful person into my life. Thanks guys! <3 (Mitchell Is Finished)

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sunnycanary  asked:

hey kaitlyn!! your colour palette drawings look amazing, if you're still taking requests could you draw kaminari in high fashion?? I'd love to see him in your style ^^

Joy, I’ve never drawn Kaminari before, not gonna lie, but holy shit he’s actually a lot of fun to draw??? Like, his hair WAS SO FUN WHAT EVEN. I need to draw him more now…

Also(???) I’ve been getting a lot of requests with this color palette? Like, I don’t understand why. High Fashion is one of my most requested color combos…that and castle in the sky. Anyway, to all y’all sending in color combos, could you pick something different? Like, how about Pumpkaboo and/or Anxiety? I haven’t gotten a single request for those…

Other color palette works:

Kageyama/What I gain I lose | Todoroki/Cherry Soda |  Kaachan/Castle in the Sky | Kageyama/ Constant Rambling | Viktuuri/Without a Heart | Killua and Gon/Subtle Melancholy | Keith/Cherry Soda | Killugon/I’m Not Alone(Yet) | Keith/Castle in the Sky | Otabek/Subtle Melancholy | Hinata/Castle in the Sky | Killugon/High Fashion

Top 5 Challenge! Short Dances!

Tessa and Scott - Prince Medley

This program is simply magnificent. The packaging is on point. Gotta give credit to Marie-France and Patrice for that! I love the way every move goes along with the music perfectly. The costumes look fantastic. I love the details in Tessa’s one-piece. I like how suave Scott is the whole way through. The subtle gestures here and there really help in shaping the feel of the program. The unity between them is just amazing. Two bodies truly moving as one. The quality of this program shows how experienced they are as skaters and as performers. The world record they earned is a testament to that. What a comeback!

Kaitlyn and Andrew - Michael Jackson Medley

I love this program. It definitely had a striking first impression. Great choreography. It’s cool. It’s hip. It’s smooth. I love the vibe and I love how much they get into it. The ending is a knockout. The costumes are so on point. Kaitlyn looks gorgeous. Overall, a killer choice for Kaitlyn and Andrew. This program definitely suits them.  

Alexandra and Ivan - At Last, Bills

This young team is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite ice dance teams. I love the modern, youthful energy they bring to the table. It’s so nice to see a Russian team do hip hop. Such a breath of fresh air. Great choreography. Great chemistry. I love that they really get into the zone before they perform. Although I believe that this team is one of the most improved this season, I still think they need to build on their basics a little bit more. Thorough polishing would get them to the next level and with good coaching, I believe they can go far.  

Isabella and Ilia - Real Life, Can’t Feel My Face

This is the first season they’ve captured my attention. This program is pretty cool. The choreography is good. I love the music choice and I love the staccato movements that go along very well with it in the beginning. The costumes are cool. Isabella really knows how to works her cat suit. I love the mysterious vibe of this program. Politics may have gotten them that fourth place finish at Euros earlier this year, but there’s no denying that this program is pretty cool, overall.

Madison and Zach - Evolution of Blues and Hip Hop

I have to admit, I was not a fan of this program in the beginning. Just like many of the viewers’ opinion, I thought the music was too choppy and the program was too messy. When I was watching Trophee De France earlier in the season, where Ilinykh and Zhiganshin beat them in the short, I honestly thought that they should just scrap this SD and start over. I initially thought that this program was holding them back, but believe it or not, it actually grew on me as time passed by. When they revised it in GPF, I was like alright, this is better, much cleaner. I found myself enjoying it more and more, as the season progressed. They really sold it. I’m so proud of them for not giving up on this program. It really paid off in the end. They EARNED that small medal at Worlds. True pros, without a doubt.