kaitlyns art

The love of my life, my gorgeous girlfriend Kaitlyn from the freshman.

I combined Carmilla series season 1 ep. 20 (x) 'Sock Puppets and European History’ audio with The Carmilla Movie Teaser Trailer (x) and added Max Richter ‘November’ music. This is the result. 
(just a creampuff who edited the video, the material does not belong to me)

“She soars through the clouds.”

Kaitlyn Liao - prismacolor pencils, pen and ink, collage

There’s a silent peace in the tragedies
Water washes clean, until they’re dry 
Turn your shattered dreams into rhapsodies
I need you to be free.

So this is where I leave you 
Sitting in a palace covered in gold inside my head. 

“Palace” Hayley Kiyoko


身在梦里 → My body is stuck in a dream.
想走出去 → I want to walk (come) out.

云开雾散 → The clouds part, fog disperses.
飞到天上→ I fly to the sky.

Final Notes: This is the finished piece for my giveaway winner, @min-kah. 😊 I wanted to explore Kaitlyn’s personal journey from The Freshman to the Sophomore; to evoke the freedom and confidence that our gal emerged with. I had a lot of fun using traditional Chinese/Taiwanese art styles and writing Mandarin phrases (shoutout to my parents!) to match the symbolism. 

I hope you all love it as much as I enjoyed making it! Kaitlyn lovers, I hope I did your girl justice. 💞


 Coloring Pages News! I’m working on a new series of coloring pages for the off-season, and here’s a sneak peak. They will be available soon on Etsy…you can visit the store here. I’ll post a notice when they become available for download and coloring. After that, it’s show season, so I’ll be working on a few more Yuzu coloring pages featuring his Exhibition programs. :) Stay Tuned!