look at this cute group of sims~

i was going to put them in the house for better lighting but the house is tiny and no room would fit this many sims in a line like this. D:

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ldkfjvnslfkv. I just adore Yan (I even downloaded her when you posted her before. I was so excited and I used her in some pose previews, because she's that perfect.) Anyway, keep the Yan posts coming! Your writing is beautiful, even when you're just explaining things. I so love reading about your characters. <3 *snuggles*


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So. I love Marianais' name, it just looks so appealing. However, I was wondering how its pronounced? I mean, I suppose I have my own idea of how its said, but I wanted to know for sure. :] Thank youuu. <3 Oh, and her house is just gorgeous, by the way. ^^

:O Oh let me just love you! Lol I usually suck at building but I can sure decorate with all the crap in my game.

LOL Oh her name is a mouthfull XD I like unique names.


Like two names in one rofl Marie and Anais 

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sfjvnslkfvndfv I'm sorry to bother you but omg slkdnsdjfbvsfdvvkdf Jean is adorable omggggg. No, but seriously. She's perfect. <3 *fades into the background*

8D Thank you, and no need to apologize!

I’m sooo excited to play her as a YA, I’m already tempted to age her up to teenhood. XD

“So who’s gonna be your date to my wedding, Drake or Ares?”

“Wait what?”

“Did I stutter?”

“What are you talking about? Did Drake put you up to this?”

“Please, I’d never do anything for that douche. I still dont know why you put up with him." 


“Sorry. But seriously, I’m not blind, Guinny. I know you have the hots for the tall, Greek stranger." 

"I do not. Go try on another dress will ya?”