what if they get back to Whitestone and the whole time thing happens yeah and in their absence Gilmore and Keshaw have gotten together
can u imagine the looks on everyone’s faces

my hard work is really paying off and I’ll be able to pay off my bills and loans in the foreseeable future and be able to live with kaitlyn and we’ll get a golden retriever named hudson and live somewhere I can see trees all the time but be close to downtown and we’ll have really soft blankets and everything’s gonna be ethereal and dreamy. and I’ll still be sad some days but that’s okay because I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with the most beautiful and incredibly mature human being I’ve ever met and she makes my life feel 10x more beautiful than it probably actually is and kaitlyn has changed my life without changing anything about me and she supports me and loves me day in and day out and has helped me to better love and care for myself and I’ve learned to give love wholly and it feels so good even in my saddest moments because kaitlyn is goddamn heaven to me. there’s my life update for y'all in a really long goddam sentence pce n blessins