The Game

Summary: Kaitlyn wants to play a game with MC. (nsfw)

           You’re sitting on your bed next to Kaitlyn looking at your phone when she starts kissing your neck. You smile and let her continue but when she straddles you, you shake your head. “We can’t.”

           “And why’s that?” Kaitlyn asks with a playful glint in her eyes.

           “Because I’m paranoid ever since learning how super thin these walls are,” you state. “Everyone’s home. They’ll hear.”

           Kaitlyn moves her mouth to your ear. “I can be pretty quiet,” she promises before nipping at your earlobe. She places several kisses along your jaw before kissing you on the lips, running her tongue over your bottom lip.

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I adore the friendship between these two homies??😍 You know, I didn’t think too much of Chris/Kaitlyn moments that happened before, probably because their friendship wasn’t shown in an explicit manner in The Freshman.

In TF Book 1, Kaitlyn initiated the “Operation Fanclub” to cheer on Chris who wasn’t used to being a benchwarmer in the football team.

In Book 2, though not bluntly stated, Chris chose Kaitlyn as his campaign manager for the election of the next student council president. And regardless of how important this run was for Chris from the start to the end, he gave Kaitlyn a break from her role when she was dealing with her emotions for coming out to her parents accidentally.

In Book 3, Kaitlyn suggested holding a concert to help Chris raise funds for his subsidized textbook proposal so that way he could have a chance to dismiss Sebastian’s “budgetary concern”.

And now, they already have plenty of cute interactions between them in The Sophomore which focused more on them being comfortable with each other I love it!

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kaitlynxmc crime

“Hey Kaitlyn,” you say in your dark dorm room, hoping Kaitlyn is still awake.

Kaitlyn answers tiredly. “Yeah baby,” proving you were right, but if you had waited any longer you don’t think that would have been the case.

“Am I dead? because I know I am looking at an angel,” you say in a whisper forcing her to turn over to look over at you, her eyes squinted. It earns you a smirk and shake of the head.

“Thanks baby. Go to sleep,” she says turning back around to finally sleep, but you’re still wide awake. You sigh deeply, staring up at the ceiling for a moment.

“Hey Kaitlyn,” you ask.

“Yes babe,”

“Are you a robber because you stole my heart.” 

“That was super-,”

You cut her off. “Baby if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged,” 

Kaitlyn sighs. “Go to sleep babe,”

Three minutes later. “Hey Kaitlyn.” 

“What?” She whines.

“Okay fine baby, I’m sorry I know you’re tired…” 

“Thank you.” 

“Because you’ve been running through my mind ALL DAY!” 

You’re met with a groan and a pillow to the head after this.

Back to Normal: P3

Summary: MC becomes friends with Becca, leaving Kaitlyn confused and jealous. (Back to Normal: P1) (Back to Normal: P2)

             You’re sitting in your room doing homework when you hear a rhythm being knocked out on your door. You smile as you continue to work. “Yes, Zack?”

             Zack enters the room and closes the door. “Hey, how’s my favorite roommate?”

             You turn in your chair with an amused smile. “What do you need, Zack?”

             “Just a small favor. It’ll take like a minute.” Zack pouts and bats his eyes at you.

             You laugh lightly and glance at your textbook. “I guess I could use a distraction from learning. What do you need?”

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Jealous - Kaitlyn x MC (NSFW)

So I went down the rabbit’s hole for this entry of fem slash week. I don’t know what came over me. I am not usually like this. Truth be told this is my first thing I ever wrote that I would describe as NSFW. Definitely not as graphic as others but, more graphic than anything else I have ever written. Thanks to @hollyashton for being awesome beta. 

Title: Jealous 
Pairing: Kaitlyn x MC (named Emily) 
Story: The Sophomore 
Prompt: Playchoices femslash week which is courtesy of the great @hanaslee. Oh, wait who am I kidding every day I am in choices fandom it is a femslash day. Summary: What happens when Kaitlyn get jealous of the growing friendship of Becca and MC. 

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I love that TFM series is continuing but I also feel so much dread because I know some dumb drama’s gonna happen and I’m gonna have to be ready to defend my man from half the fandom at any moment

Black Cat - Kaitlyn x MC

Here is a story for your prompt @bluedragonlove  I hope you like it. 

No beta so, all mistakes are mine. I know another Kaitlyn’s story but, I just can’t get enough of the punk rocker. Anyways, here is the story about Kaitlyn and MC getting a pet. MC’s name is Emily in the story. 

Kaitlyn and Emily went shopping at the mall. Even though Emily didn’t like to go to shopping malls, Kaitlyn asked her to go so. She was going to go. Emily just could not say no to her girlfriend. Emily asked, “You know we can buy everything on the internet, right?”

Kaitlyn smirked at Emily, “But, babe the internet doesn’t have a dressing room.” Emily got a smile on her face and said, “Oh right. Dressing rooms are reason enough to be dragged out here.” Kaitlyn found a store that looked right up her alley. She found a blue dress that she just had to try on.

Kaitlyn said from her dressing room, “Emily, I need some help zipping this one up.” “Alright, Kaitlyn,” Emily answered. Emily knocked the door. “Hey, Kaitlyn let me in?” Emily asked. Kaitlyn pulled Emily inside the dressing room. Seeing Kaitlyn in a beautiful dress got her blushing. Hey, this looks great on you. Emily said as she zipped up the dress.

“It looks like a perfect fit, Kaitlyn,” Emily voiced her opinion to her girlfriend. She turned around to face Emily. They were mere inches from each other. Kaitlyn interlocked her hand with Emily. You know I think we are a perfect fit. With that being said Emily pounced on Kaitlyn.

Before, Kaitlyn knew what was happening Emily’s lips were on Kaitlyn’s lips. Kaitlyn deepened the kiss and Emily pull her closer by wrapping her arms around Kaitlyn’s waist. There was a knock on the dressing room’s room. Kaitlyn and Emily heard the store clerk asked, “is everything alright in there?” “Everything great,” Kaitlyn replied. They slowly detached from each other.

Emily told her girlfriend you are buying that dress. “So demanding,” Kaitlyn said, to Emily. “I bet you will get lucky if you wear it to the next party,” Emily said with a wink as she left the dressing room. Kaitlyn was so buying the dress now. They left the bouquet and was wandering around the mall.

Both were enjoying their time together. Kaitlyn spotted a pet store. “Can we please go in there?” Kaitlyn asked while tugging her girlfriend’s arm. “Ok sure but we aren’t getting a pet,” Emily reminded Kaitlyn. “Says who,” she smirked at Emily. Oh, no was all Emily could think of at the moment. Kaitlyn made a beeline to where the animals were located. Emily trailed behind her.

Kaitlyn was squatting down to the bottom cage. “Look at this one, Em?” Kaitlyn asked her. Emily looked down it was a black kitten and green eyes playing with Kaitlyn’s fingers that were poking inside of the cage. “Look, the cat likes me,” Kaitlyn told Emily happily. “No,” was Emily’s reply. “But bae, I couldn’t ever have one because my dad is allergic to cats,” Kaitlyn pouted at her.

Kaitlyn looked up at Emily and said, “I’ll make it worth your while.” Thinking of all the ways Kaitlyn could make it up to Emily she says yes to the request. Then they got home with the kitten their housemates seemed to like the little guy Kaitlyn named Salem.

A couple of weeks later Emily realizes that she got the raw end of the stick on the pet deal. She ended up taking care of the cat. To be honest, she thought it was cute she started to think of the cat as their cat you know Kaitlyn and her’s cat. Maybe, this is a step or something in their relationship.

That night Emily was lounging on the couch watching prime-time network television, and little Salem was content to sit on her lap. It got her thinking maybe it is not a bad thing they got a pet. Emily started to scratch the back of the kitten’s ears and could hear the kitten purring. “I guess that is the right spot to pet you,” she said to the cat.

She wasn’t paying attention to the door and jumped when Kaitlyn’s voice filled the room. “I know a spot you can scratch on me,” Kaitlyn said suggestively. Emily wanted to jump up and lead Kaitlyn into her room but, it was a long week that the only thing she wanted to do was watch mindless television. Kaitlyn walked over to the couch and sat down next to Emily.

Kaitlyn started to pet the cat, and the cat stopped purring. “Why does Salem like you more than me,” Kaitlyn asked Emily. Emily laughed, “Because I feed him and pet him when he wants me too.” Kaitlyn looks sad at her girlfriend. “Hey, babe,” Emily said as she cupped Kaitlyn’s face. “You know that he is our cat, right?” Emily asked Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn got a smile on her face by her comment. “Yeah, our cat,” Kaitlyn said. Emily kissed Kaitlyn lightly on the lips.

Choices Fan Interview

I was tagged by @brittney690beaumont thanks for the tag!

Favorite book and why:

I’d have to say the Freshman/the Sophomore. Even though ts isn’t as interesting as tf was, and also diamond crazy, it’s still the book I look forward to the most. I mostly look forward to my Kaitlyn moments. The Freshman series was my absolute fave, though.

Least favorite book and why:

Definitely roe. It’s so boring and it keeps being dragged on for too long. And the character’s story arcs are boring too, except for party twin and the cousin.

Your MC’s LI for each story you’re playing:

tf/ts: Kaitlyn ofc, roe: Leo, hss: not sure yet, only got 6 chapters done, hero: not sure yet, #lovehacks: Leah, es: I have 2 devices, on my main my mc is with Estela and on the other my mc is with Jake, rr: Hana, thobm: Eleanor, for tcatf I don’t know if Kenna was considered the mc or not but if she is, then I paired her up with Val.

Favorite MC ship:

That should be obvious 😜

Least favorite MC ship:

Does Caleb x MC from Hero count? Since some people want him to be a LI? If not, then Zig x MC

Favorite Non-MC ship:

Variego! (diego x varyyn)

Least favorite Non-MC ship:

Caleb x Zoe from hss (he derserves better!)

Favorite character and why:

Kaitlyn. I just love her adorable and bubbly personality. And she’s sexy, ofc. I know she was a bad friend/gf in book 3, but she’s redeemed herself and also, nobody’s perfect! I’m not even going to count book 2 as part of her “bad behavior”. What happened isn’t her fault at all (and anyone who says otherwise can fight me).

Least favorite character and why:

Aunt Mallory. She’s a ruthless, conniving, scheming bitch who doesn’t deserve to be part of Violet’s life. Although, she did actually seem to care in this past chapter.

Character you like that most people don’t:

I guess Kaitlyn?

Character you don’t like that most people do:

Zig. Although I do like him a little more now after reading chapter 10 of ts, he’s still one of my least favorite characters.

Which character are you most like in real life?:

A cross between tf/ts MC and Lila

If you could live in any choices story, which one would it be and why?:

The Freshman/The Sophomore so I can be with Kaitlyn. What more reasoning would I need? 😜😂

How long have you been playing?:

Almost a year

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I agree on the homophobia, but some of your friends have been forcing sexualities on characters too. Look at all the Brooke x Serena drooling or insisting Hana is a lesbian when that's not even Canon at the moment. Kaitlyn, I understand...but the rest is simply assigning sexualities in the same way the "Protect Maxwell" crowd had done. Somehow, that's exempt from the latest outrage. Gee, wonder why.

how exactly do you force sexuality??? headcanoing a character sexuality is forcing sexuality now?

sereena is a lesbian and that’s canon, but both brooke and hana don’t have canon sexualities and you have the nerve to come to my house and say that i can’t hc them? not even maxwell has a canon sexuality and we’re forcing sexualities on them lmaoooooo

it’s kinda silly that all James and Zig get is phonecalls because they don’t live at the house

it’s not like they couldn’t spend the night, or even just come over. they were already in the house and offering to hang out before Becca dragged us away to the sorority party so it’s just… unfair that Chris and Kaitlyn get cute moments in person and even sleeping together, and Zig and James get phonecalls where you can’t even see their faces