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Gin-terview with Kaitlyn Alexander, Elise Bauman and Sharon Belle
  • Kaitlyn: "If you were all stuck in a Hunger Games scenario, who would come out the victor?"
  • Kaitlyn and Elise: *points to Sharon*
  • Sharon: Me
  • Sharon: Oh, nice, I like these fingers
  • Kaitlyn: I've heard THAT before
Welcome to my blog, gods and goddesses!

I’m the only admin of this blog, Admin Kaitlyn! This is a new blog which specializes in writing for Star Crossed Myth characters of any kind, whether minor or major. Please feel free to send in requests, and I am so excited to get started!

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“Thirteen year-old boys have so much more subtlety.” (x)

Now that we’ve reached the hiatus season, dailyaprilkepner will be counting down the days to Christmas beginning on December 14th with a special project known as the 12 Days of April Kepner. Inspired by the last verse of the song The 12 Days of Christmas, we will post something related to our lovely trauma queen every day that shows why we adore this amazing character who has grown up so much since she first came on as a Mercy West invader. Follow our blog for updates and we’ll be tagging our posts #12daysofAK.

- your blog owners, Kaitlyn & Anna