kaitlyn wwe diva


Everyone please watch this. Get the divas to see it. Get Steph too see it. Get Triple H to see it. Get Vince to see it. These women are so valuable and they have sacrificed so much. They deserve a change. Something needs to be done immediately.

Full confession: “The Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee feud was honestly the best diva’s feud in recent years (2012-2015). From the build up, to the chemistry they have. It brought a lot of prestige to the Divas Championship, made it seem really important. They took their time to make it seem like it was going on since forever, and although we want to support the face, we still understand and feel sorry the heel because they felt neglected in a time of need. They were actually shown to be friends way beforehand (NXT and FCW) which makes it more personal and realistic than suddenly forming an alliance then, two months later, they break up in a predictable way and create a feud or the more predictable “Hey! You’re trying to come for my title? I’m going to teach you a lesson!” (Before you say something like, AJ & Kailtyn fought about it too!! Just remember the backstage segment when they fought right before one of Kaitlyn’s Divas Championship matches, it happened TWICE. So even though the championship had a lot to do with it, it was still a long time coming, and wasn’t as predicable as any other championship feud the Divas always have.)”