kaitlyn wwe diva

I know that WWE likes to credit The Four Horsewomen for the Women’s Revolution… and sometimes you’ll hear it from Stephanie McMahon and the Bellas that they started it too… but all reality, it was AJ Lee, Paige, Emma, and Kaitlyn. But AJ Lee and Paige more so than anyone. They were different and gifted. Like X-Men I guess…. I love the Four Horsewomen, I really do… but had it not been for AJ Lee pushing limits, “shattering glass ceilings, breaking down doors” and being one of the most over talents both as a face and a heel on the main roster, the other women to follow her would not have seen the “revolution.” AJ Lee was a spark and a flame at the same time, while everything else would be the flame and the Four Horsewomen just burn exceptionally brightly especially because the women’s revolution was coined during their transition to the main roster. AJ also summed up the women’s division beautifully in her shoot promo on Total Bellas back in the summer of 2013. The women’s/divas division was shit for years and she was the hope and shining star that was needed to change things. She called it out and it showed that things were going to change. 


Everyone please watch this. Get the divas to see it. Get Steph too see it. Get Triple H to see it. Get Vince to see it. These women are so valuable and they have sacrificed so much. They deserve a change. Something needs to be done immediately.