kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje


 Coloring Pages News! I’m working on a new series of coloring pages for the off-season, and here’s a sneak peak. They will be available soon on Etsy…you can visit the store here. I’ll post a notice when they become available for download and coloring. After that, it’s show season, so I’ll be working on a few more Yuzu coloring pages featuring his Exhibition programs. :) Stay Tuned! 

Teams announced for the World Team Trophy 2017!

Yess, Weapo are going to WTT!!! And Kaitlyn is the team captain 😍 

(Shame though, part of me was still wishing that they would send Scott there for a punishment… ALONE!) 

Also omg this is hilarious, knowing that they already knew they were not going, how PC were wiggling their way out of Natalie Pechalat’s questions about WTT in yesterday’s interview lol - Guillaume’s face was quite telling though haha