kaitlyn ham

Spring Acoustics

Spring is all about new beginnings that start all over without any great help. Exactly like acoustic music, only the musicians and their enchanting voices lead to unique experiences. Take some time to relax and let lose, listen to soft tunes and enjoy the beginning of the summer. Listen to it here.

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Staying True To Yourself In 2016

Written by Jasmin // Photo by Kaitlyn Ham

We are working our way into the second week of January and, so far, 2016 has been kind to most of us. With this in mind, it is logical to expect some rough patches throughout the year, but it doesn’t mean that we should let that stop us from facing the upcoming months head on. I am here to give you the best advice that I could possibly muster up: stay true to you.

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Good Taste Versus Reason

We often hear about the role of money in the shaping of society as well as our own self-image. To a certain extent, such an approach has developed our needs to purchase high-end items to establish our status and display it for others, and quite simply to make us feel confident and proud. Since the realization of such desires is usually accompanied by jaw-dropping prices, this begs the question of how far can we go before we drift into vanity and lose a healthy balance?

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