• Person: so i was reading about this conspiracy theory-
  • My Friends: no don't she'll hear y-
  • Me, running through a crowd, pushing people out of my way as I scream: THE MANDELA EFFECT IS REAL AND I HAVE PROOF, JUST LOOK

officialajmendez: Yesterday my husband surprised me with the best early birthday present ever, my other life partner. As I sent some emails, still in my pajamas, looking like hot morning garbage, a familiar voice rang through the hallway to my office. I looked up from my computer and saw the heavenly vision of @CelesteBonin, fresh off a plane, and yet somehow looking like cartoon birds in a Disney movie got her ready that morning. Without thinking I instinctively mounted her. Then I looked in her eyes and said “Why are you so pretty? I forgot how much I hate you.” - AJ #bestpresentever #mytwohusbands

In Profile: Kaitlyn

Spitfire. Traitor. Experimental. Wild. Call her anything you want and she won’t care. The truth is she is all that and none of that at all.

For most of her life, Kaitlyn felt held back. Hartfeld was her first real taste of finally being able to be nothing but herself. Who she was she wasn’t 100% sure, but she did know it wasn’t the girl back in Texas.

As the quarters pass, she feels more and more like who she is supposed to be. She’s building traction, starting with spilling out her feelings for her suitemate. Coming out in Hartfeld. Coming out to Arjun. Coming out to her parents. Dealing with her father’s rejection. Reveling in her father’s acceptance. Wanting to do something adventurous. Approaching the pretty girl in art class. Singing on-stage for the first time. Joining the band. Changing her look. And now, breaking away to do things her way.

Kaitlyn is on fire. She knows it. She hates that her friends don’t see it. She hates that her friends think she’s being consumed by the fire, not fueled by it.

The key to understanding Kaitlyn? Let her be.

She’s the type who needs to push things to the extreme to learn her lesson. She doesn’t touch a drop of alcohol today because of the extreme amounts of liquid courage she thought she needed back in Fall Quarter. This will be a pattern.

Imagine being stunted for almost 19 years – compressing feelings, bound by traditional expectations. Then in just three quarters you’re able to free all this out. Spontaneous combustion. Boom.

So let her be.

Because Kaitlyn’s the type who will push, and push, and push the boundaries. That’s what fuels the fire in her. That’s what makes her Kaitlyn. She may burn or burn out, but she’ll push anyway. It’s your choice whether you want to see her through or not.

Fire girl. Free spirit. Wild child. Femme Fatale. Call her anything you want and she won’t care. The truth is she is all that and none of that at all. Not yet anyway. She still doesn’t know for sure.

Without or without you, she’ll continue walking on fire.

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