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kaitlin olson/mickey icons

so i just made a bunch of kaitlin olson/mickey murphy icons because i’m absolutely in love w her and i thought i would share them since i made so many!!! feel free to use them if u want! they’re all 150 x 150 px. there’s 25 of them under the cut. here’s a sample:

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My best friend/The Bones to my Jim (Kaitlin) recently created a Star Trek/McKirk blog, and you should all follow her because she’s my favorite person in the world, we’ll act cute together like Bones and Jim, and she writes cute things like this:


“What the–?” Bones awoke to the sound of loud clanking outside his bedroom window. The other side of the bed was empty. Spring was coming at just the right time this year. Bones rolled out of bed, shaking his head, figuring that Jim had gone on a morning run.  More clanking.  “Son of a bitch.” He slipped some pants on before walked downstairs and out the back door. The deck was cold and damp on his bare feet with morning dew.  Across the yard was Jim. Hammering away at some metal. Into what? Trees? Bones rubbed his eyes.  “Jim! What in the good god damn are you doing?!” “Morning, Bones!” “My ass…” He cleared his throat.  “Look! I got a hammock!” Jim grinned and stood next to it proudly.  Bones ran a hand through his hair and shook his head. He trudged down the wooden stairs and walked across the yard to where it met the woods.  “What do you think?” “I think it’s too damn early.” “Oh, come on! Doesn’t it remind you of home?” Bones smirked and clapped Jim on the back of his neck. “Sure does, kid.” “Wanna test it out? We can go back to sleep.” “Go on, get in.” Jim started to raise a foot, and then put it back down on the ground. He squatted, and got back up. He looked at Bones and scratched his head.  “Uh…” “You just climb in, Jim.” “Easy for the Georgia boy to say.” “Everyone uses these things.” “Yeah, yeah.” Jim sucked in a dramatic breath, tucked his shoulder in, and rolled onto the hammock. It flipped him upside-down and he landed on face down, palms now grass stained.  Bones laughed his ass off.  Jim flushed a little bit and smiled at Bones. He’d do anything to hear him belly-laughing like that.  “Lemme show ya.” Bones reached his hand down to Jim and helped him up with ease.  He sat down on the hammock slowly and kicked his feet up.  “C'mon. It doesn’t bite.” He pulled Jim down on top of him.  Jim snuggled on top of Bones and nuzzled under his chin. “I like this.” “Yeah. Me too, kid.” Bones absent-mindedly stroked his hair. “You know, my grandmother put one of these up for the first time back at the old house when I was young. Had a ball on it. I slept outside on summer nights, always waking up at dawn to dogs barking and bug bites all over me. Hell, I— Jim?” He was sound asleep. Bones fell silent and heard a faint whistle coming from Jim’s nose. He chuckled quietly. It soothed him along with the thought of his endearing, early morning gesture.  Bones continues to stroke Jim’s hair until his arms got tired and he dozed off. He wouldn’t mind if Jim woke him up every morning to do this.  He hadn’t felt at home until he met Jim. Now, he was right where he belonged, and it was damn well worth the wait.