kaite rants

i don’t even care if steve and bucky have a canon romance in the movies [okay, i care a little bit]. know why? because anyone can see that they’re soulmates. whether it be platonic or romantic, steve and bucky belong together on some plain. they spent their whole lives together. and i, personally, choose to believe that bucky being drafted only fuelled steve’s desire to enlist. steve entered enemy territory, knowing full well he might not come back and bucky might already be dead, to save bucky. i also choose to believe that bucky dying influenced steve to put the plane in the water, simply because there was so much pain and guilt surrounding bucky’s death. bucky had every part of himself erased countless times, yet they never managed to truly erase steve. steve refuses to fight bucky because he can’t fight his best friend, his person, probably the only person he wished was here with him in the future. steve goes against some of his only friends in modern times because if he didn’t it would mean going against bucky. against all odds, these two always find their way back to each other and their each others main motivation. these two would go to hell and back for the other.

steve and bucky are soulmates. and if you don’t agree with that i have no idea what movies you’ve been watching.