kait and lucas

give me Riley and Isadora staying up all night braiding each other’s hair because Isadora did research and learned that’s what neurotypical girls do at sleepovers, but Riley studied too and learned that braiding hair can help with sensory stuff

give me Isadora and Lucas talking about how much better they think the world will be when Farkle rules it, because he’s a genius sure, but what really matters is how much he would do for the people that he cares about

give me Isadora and Maya sitting at the bay window in silence together because they both understand how sometimes you just need it to be quiet

give me Farkle and Isadora sending each other emails in binary code because words are too overwhelming and a hunk is still a hunk even if it’s in ones and zeroes

give me Isadora and Zay watching the others from a distance because sure they’re part of the group now, but sometimes it takes a little while to really feel like you’re a part of it

give me Riley and Maya and Lucas and Farkle laughing at something funny that happened a few months ago until they realize they’re missing some of their people so they call them over and start talking about what happened yesterday instead

give me all the friends together, working on something for school, only it turns into another life lesson (because that’s what all of Cory’s lessons are, really) and at the end of it they’re closer than ever