Kris: “Once I came to know you, I knew I wanted to fight for you sire. I devote myself to you”
Robin: “There’s something between us. Something that keeps us together.”

“ …. I wasn’t so sure at first but the more I think about it…
Yeah… M-maybe you’re right…”

(Kai: Getting an ask about Kris made me really happy–! Aaah!)

When you don’t open the door, and the squad finds out.

Chris defense squad!
Just a quick doodle because I’ve missed drawing stupid Until Dawn things;

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Parody of this!


► 【KAI KIM】 - KAI Territory - Full PV - 【UTAU】

Hi guys!
So, me and Juliet have been working on a project together for a few months and we can finally present the finished video to you all!
Please click the link above if you’d like to have a look!

These are just some of the pictures that we have been working on for the last two months! And I hope you will enjoy the video!  ` ♡ ´ )

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So me and @questionartbox went to Obaren in Stockholm, Sweden last night and saw Sons of an illustrious father! And it was amazing! I’m still taking it all in.

I can confirm that the rumors are true. Ezra is an absolute sweetheart! Honestly they were all super nice and friendly! I loved every second of their performance and talking to them afterwards!

We had drawn some pictures for them and above you can see my picture signed by Ezra! (He said it was beautiful, my emotions…///)
We also asked if Ezra could sign the folder, in which we brought for the signed pictures that were for us to keep (SOAIF got their own to keep!) and well, you can see what he wrote instead of just signing it, and that’s just the sweetest thing in the world and I’ll never get over it!;;

I also got to hug Ezra as well as take a picture with him!
Ezra’s hugs really are the best thing in the world. They just feel so sincere and loving. He also tangled his fingers in mine before we took the pictures and I almost died.

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Thank you! ♡


I wanted to include more doodles, but I have been artblocking for a bit;
Hopefully I can post more of these soon!
Don’t worry… there will be more climbing class… :D

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The saint of Until Dawn.
Protecting but also in need of protection.

CRIES VIOLENTLY. I love Chris so much;;;;;
He is such an innocent sweetheart that didn’t deserve any of this.
Yet he takes blame for something he didn’t have ANYTHING to do with and protects the others as well as he can even though he’s not a strong man;;

Bless this little noodle… He lost his best friend and saw someone get decapitated right infront of him… and he was totally innocent :(

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