Great Games that are underrated

There are a few games that I really like, but it seems like no one I know has ever even heard about them. So in no particular order… here are 2 games you should try out!



This game is a puzzle game. You’re supposed to build houses as big as possible, collecting blocks of the same colour and then destroy them to get points before they reach the end of your bar. The bigger your house is when you destroy it, the more points you get. It’s really addicting and it’s great for both single and double player. When you remove your buildings you give penalties to your oponent. And all the time while playing, your character keeps cheering you on as an adorable little sprite. The types of houses you get, also depends on what character you play as. The houses vary in styles that fits the characters which is a very cute detail.

I have this game to the Playstation 1 and it’s always great fun to pick up. It’s not that hard to learn. There is a storymode but it’s very short, though the last stages can be very hard. It all depends on how well you plan your buildings but you also need luck

Video of gameplay



Sudeki is an amazing action RPG game that I got when I unfortunately was too young to understand it. By the time I got it, I didn’t speak that much English which isn’t that shocking since it’s not my first language. So it just kind of sat and gathered dust, until I picked it up again earlier this year. And I must say it’s great. You start out by moving around as a swordsman named Tal, but you soon get three other characters in your party aswell. Elco who is an eccentric scientist, Ailish, the princess sorceress and Buki who is a huntress. What’s great about this game is that you can switch between these characters and depening on who you play as, the fighting is different. Both Tal and Buki play normal, press A or B and they attack. But when playing them, combos are very important. Elco and Ailish however are first person shooters. Elco has many different guns to choose from and they differ in speed and power. Ailish is pretty much the same but instead of a gun she has a staff. You can also give all four of them special abilities that can be used any time durig a battle to make your stats higher, slow down your enimy or heal your party. You also have a very big map to run around in and there are many side quests!

The characters are funny and the game has a good sense of humour. It’s not too hard since you can level up as much as you want, until you get to the top level of course. But it’s not too easy either. It has puzzles but nothing that’s impossible to figure out and the game doesn’t drag or become repetitive. I’d say it’s a great game to pick up if you see it! The game is for the old XBOX but I have heard that there are ports of it.

Trailer video