kaisoo need each other

anonymous asked:

Hello , how are you ? 😁 I wanted to ask if you had the gif of kaisoo walking to each other and kai groping soo's ass ? I need it for scientific purposes lmao , thank you 🙌

Hi anon! I’m good, I hope you’re doing well too ^o^ 

Is this the one you’re looking for? 

An anti: Kaisoo shippers are scum that need to be eradicated. I hate them. Kaisoo don’t even like each other.

Shipper: That’s cool and all. But can you not tag it Kaisoo.

An anti: I was ATTACKED by a crazy ass Kaisoo shipper today. What do they want from me! So toxic and scary.

  • me : why do i ship kaisoo so hard? it's ridiculous. i need new hobbies
  • kaisoo : eyefucking
  • kaisoo : flirting
  • kaisoo : touching/caressing each other's thighs, arms, hair, lips, etc etc
  • kaisoo : getting jelly of each other
  • kaisoo : whispering so god damn close they might be licking each other's earlobes
  • kaisoo : nuzzling at each other's neck
  • kaisoo : gazing lovingly not-so-secretly
  • kaisoo : holding hands
  • kaisoo : don't-let-go-of-my-hand-don't-leave-me-hand tugging
  • kaisoo : staring each other's butts
  • me :
  • me : stop abusing my emotions. stop making me questioning my sanity.
  • person : kaisoo ain't real
  • me : y u must hurt me dis way ?

Nothing new. Just kaisoo needs to stay close to each other, bless this fancam❤❤

kaisootv  asked:

Hey there, so someone told me the other day that they really think of Kaisoo as just really close friends and nothing more, I've seen your analysis on Kaisoo and stuff like that so I was wondering if you could help me out here 😁 (I really like your Kaisoo posts btw they're logical and less delusional,that's something I lack tbh)

Hello!! First of all, thank you for appreciating the analysis I do. But I want to tell you to be free to take your own conclusions about Kaisoo’s relationship. Everyone see a fact, or a bunch of facts with their own perspective, so you don’t need to feel worried/bad for disagreeing with me or another shipper. We don’t own the truth about their feelings for each other, after all. And I’m sorry for taking too long to answer this! I wanted to answer this in a simple way, but I transform this post in a huge essay.

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