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Can I request a prompt where YoonMin and KaiSoo play Dungeons and Dragons?

“Alright Yoongi you have to pick your class,” Jimin says, setting up the board on the coffee table.

“Class?” Yoongi gapes at him. “Our group has multiple albums about not going to school and you want me to attend a class for a board game? My flow is like hell no.”

“That’s not what it–” Kyungsoo starts but Jongin starts talking instead. “I want my class to be dog and my breed to be poodle,” he says with a smile.

Kyungsoo scowls, “That’s also not how…You know what whatever. That’s fine.”

“Pick a name for your character Yoongi,” says Jimin.

“Can I be ‘Rap Monster Smells’?”

“You can be whatever you want,” Kyungsoo answers. “For example my character is a wizard named Unforgiving Dark Lord in the Shadow Moon of Eternal Night.”

“That’s beautiful,” Jongin says with a hand over his chest. “I want to be DogLover101.”

“How about you Jimin?” Yoongi asks with an eyebrow raised.

“Me? Well I’m a monk named Muscles Von Flex–” Jimin is silenced with one of Yoongi’s fingers on his lips. “That’s enough.”

“I’ll show Jongin and Yoongi how to play,” Kyungsoo says, holding the dice. He rolls them and suddenly the board starts to hover one foot off of the table as Kyungsoo’s eyes glow red. “Feel the power of the Unforgiving Dark Lord in the Shadow Moon of Eternal Night!” he says and fog fills the room.

“Nope,” Yoongi says, getting up and walking out of the room and straight out of the house. “Nope. No. Not today.”

“Whatever,” Kyungsoo snorts when his eyes have stopped glowing. “He’s not game. Are you still down Jimin?”

Jimin grins with happy eyes, “I just came out to make friends and have fun!!!!!”