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Has anyone realized that both kyungsoo and jongin are blood type A,Which means Those with blood type A are often called ‘Farmers’ in South Korean culture. They can be secretive and reluctant to share their feelings due to their shy, reserved and introverted sensibilities. They can also be considerate to others, patient and are often punctual. They can be highly creative and can be perfectionists, which can cause them to become too focused on the details. They have been said to like to forget reality and hide in their own worlds due to a romantic nature. However, they can be self-conscious and can be unable to express their emotions well.

Even if they are dating we are not going to know because they’re both shy.but I have a feeling that they have done stuff together


I HAVE FINALLY ORGANISED AND I’M CREATING A MASTERLIST OF ALL MY FICS! All links lead to Asianfanfics because my livejournal is never updated!

all fics are listed in alphabetical order, [M] denotes NC-17/ RATED fics

*** means personal favourites

### means old and terrible and don’t read for your own safety

last updated: 24th Jan 2016


oneshots/extended oneshots

***Anti-Climax: [M] smut, fluff, kinda crack, NC-17, mentioned!hunhan and baekyeol, university!au

***I Love You, Just Like This: fluff, romance, slight!angst (??) chubby!soo, high school!au warning for mentioned bullying/homophobia

Kaisoo Reads Fanfiction: fluff, comedy, non!au

###Miss Me?: [M] smut, fluff, non!au

###Oh, The Horror! comedy, fluff, ot12, ot12 pairings, non!au

###Rainy Saturday: fluff, romance

Soo’s Valentine: fluff, valentines!au, romance, ot12 pairings mentioned

Starcasts: fluff, non!au, comfort

Strangers in the Night (Club):  [M], smut, pwp pretty much, fluffyish

***Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight: [M], fluff, smut, wolf!au, family!au, mpreg in final 2 parts

Taking the Long Way Home: fluff, slight mentions of rated behaviour, forbidden love!au (??)

There was, Sort of: fluff, really weird, you have to read it to understand really. just odd.

###Try Not To Mess Up: fluff, romance, comedy, teachers!au

What’s in a Name?: fluff, romance, slight!angst, romeoandjuliet!au, happy ending !!

###What If: slight!angst, fluff, non!au


#InstaDrama: fluff, comedy, non!au, series

*****The Millionaire Matchmaker {COMPLETE CHAPTERED} fluff, romance, matchmaker!au, ceo!au, comedy

Never Get Enough of You {ongoing drabble collection sequel} same AU as above although some sections are [M]

The Wedding Triology:

(part one) On Your Wedding Day: fluff, comedy, Taemin’s best man’s speech

(part two) To Have and To Hold: fluff, the wedding day itself

(part three) Tossing the Bouquet:[M]  smut, fluff, the wedding night


Head in the Clouds (Drabble Dump): mixed aus, fluff, romance


Hold me Tight: fluff/angst, PG-13, broken!baekyeon, mentioned!kaisoo, non!au

please please please (get down on your knees)

Author: loudestoflove

Pairing: Kai/Kyungsoo

Rating: NC-17

Summary:  Jongin’s pretty used to Kyungsoo wandering into the bathroom when he’s showering. (pwp)

Comments: I realized I’ve read a lot of this author’s work, they’re all so amazing! This of course is no exception. Shower sex is good sex. Kyungsoo!top

I'm Well Acquainted (With Your Ass)

Author: soothighs

Genre: Smut

Rating: NC-17

Kinks/Warnings: Rimming, waxing

Summary: Jongin is an esthetician who works at the spa Kyungsoo goes to every month to get his booty waxed.

Note: Basically, authornim is a god/goddess and please just check out ALL of her/his kaisoo stories. They’re A+ and gold. My body is ready for her/his reigning era.

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Default State Of Being

Author: thetwistedstar

Pairing: Jongin/Kyungsoo (and others)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kyungsoo is a gay romance novelist and Jongin serves as his muse of sorts.

Comments: It’s probably long overdue for me to read this fic, I know everyone had a huge phase over it but I’m so lazy to read chaptered fics lol. Of course I’m glad I got around to it. It’s amazing. Unlike most fics that deal with smut and love hand in hand this fic has them come one after the other. There’s a lot of smut but once things got all cute and fluffy as well I was basically just rolling on floor dying.


These are some kaisoo fics i’ve read so far. If you have good recs or would like to share any fic, please feel free to go ahead and send me an ask cause kaisoo is never enough. Enjoy your reading. 

Feeling Your Rhythm [Submission]

Author: Throne

Genre: Club!AU. Smut, Pwp, Slight!Fluff

Rating: NC-17

Kinks/Warnings: Detailed smut, rough sex, blowjobs

Summary: Kyungsoo didn’t suit the club scene at all, that was obvious to anyone he came across. So when he told people he worked as a bartender for one of the most popular clubs in the area, he wasn’t really surprised when they didn’t believe him. But there was one thing about his job that he loved and didn’t mind working the late nights for. It came in the shape of a young man with tanned skin, long fucking sexy legs and dark brown hair that normally stuck to his forehead from all the dancing he partook in.

Notes: A little shameless advertsing! >///< This fic is a sequel to my other one and I’m also new to the fandom.


Room 206

Author : Kaisoo005 (AFF ) / Showert_ime (AO3)

Pairing : Kyungsoo/Jongin

Genre : Romance, smut

Rating : NC-17

Lenght : 4880 words

Summary : Kyungsoo is working at a hotel cleaning room and he likes it, at least, when he doesn’t catch people’s escapade and that one of the sexiest client ever doesn’t show too much interest in him.


you have my whole heart (you always did) [submission]

Author: Jodassie 

Genre: Romance, Drama 

Rating: NC-17 (and above, M for certain chapters) 

Summary: To Jongin, Kyungsoo is the beginning and end of everything. 

Note: I love this so much! :’) The writer puts in a lot of effort into characterisations and scene setting and she just… makes you feel a lot of things… ;___; There’s just the right amount of angst to keep you on edge but just when you’re about to get too achey, you get fluff that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside~ Please, please, please check this out (and give the writer lots of love ^u^) 


Nothing More Than Ordinary Life

Author: thesockmonster

Pairing: Jongin/Kyungsoo

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jongin’s life is turned upside-down when he finds a stray in an alley.

Comments: a catboy fic recommended by anon! thank you! there are three parts to this fic (smut in 3rd part)! it’s amazing, and cat!sehun and cat!luhan is actually hilarious. 

That’s An Order

Title : That’s An Order
Author : Kaspian
Genre : smut, fantasy, sci-fi, slow built, werewolf!trainer au
Kink : Knotting, feral behavior
Pairing : wolf!kai/kyungsoo
Rating : NC-17
Length : Chaptered
Summary : In a world where diverse races live among one another, companion Do Kyungsoo lands a very special role.

Notes : ughhh cries HOW TO SAY NO TO KASPIAN’S FANFICS???



Author: days_with_day

Pairing: Jongin/Kyungsoo

Rating: NC-17

Summary: He didn’t know why he felt like this. Was it because he had seen this man at his most vulnerable state? Was it because he had held him in his arms while he cried, not once, but twice? Kyungsoo didn’t know why and he didn’t care. All that mattered was that he wanted to save him. He wanted to stop the pain. 

Comments: Okay, this is honestly one of my fav kaisoo fics ever, next to all those fandom favourites. This is amazing, the storyline is beautiful and the ending left me breathless.

Nocturna Suppressio

Author: purplemonsterrr
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Fantasy, Romance
Length: Chaptered + complete
Summary: Do Kyungsoo likes to dwell on his dreams. He spends hours dreaming, finding them a better place than reality. But what Kyungsoo fails to realize is that not all good dreams are what they seem to be. 

Notes: the plot for this fic is absolutely superb, and again - also one of the very first fics i’ve read when i first entered the fandom. it’ll leave you anticipating and a worrying mess for every chapter you finish ;; also a bonus!! there’s a hunhan prequel which you can read > here < it’s only a oneshot but i highly recommend reading this after nocturna suppressio since the story is linked with it :)

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Choices, Options; Things Of Yesteryear Decisions, Ones You'll Regret [Submission]

Author: SnugglePuppyHug

Genre: Angst, Romance, Love-Triangle

Rating: NC-17

Kinks/Warnings: Infidelity

Summary: Such a complicated thing, love triangles. Kyungsoo realizes he’s selfish in love, learns that tall boys are aggressive when they fight over what they think is theirs.

Notes: I’m telling you, this fic is fucking long and fucking worth it I’m not even kidding right now. You’ll be pulled in so hard into the story and into the lives of ChanSoo and KaiSoo that you just — Oh my fuck, I have no words for this masterpiece. I DEMAND YOU GUYS TO READ THIS AND DON’T HESITATE. I’M FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW (I’m sorry for swearing but I really want you guys to read this T_______T). Enjoy this roller-coaster of emotions, guys. You guys are gonna regret it if you don’t read it I swear to God omg. I wish you luck. Adios!

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In The Corner Of The Library

Title : In The Corner Of The Library
Author : himrj02
Genre : smut, pwp, slight!fluff, librarian!au 
Pairing : kai/kyungsoo
Rating : NC-17
Length : Oneshot
Summary : The sexy librarian that Kyungsoo had his eyes on decided to give him a reward for always returning his book early.

Notes : the summary says it all ♥