I noticed something with Kaisoo…. I know people are like “duuuh it’s just fan service (which is even ridiculous, cuz most of it happens in secret or off spot light) bla bla”… but, after watching a lot of stuff and being in a relationship myself, I noticed a certain thing:

the urge for skin ship.

it’s known that korean guys/men touch each other more than western people would, but the way they touch and how often is something that really only couples do. Like making sure everyone knows they are together or just needing the feeling of the others’ touch or having the urge to touch your significant other, to have some kind of connection. And I looked at the places on their bodies they touch each other and how and compared it to how I touch my boyfriend or how he touches me and it is quite similar. It’s a way of reassurance… like: “you’re mine”.

Of course we delusional shippers could also just see stuff and make everything up… but really, if you ask non kpoppers or just gay couples or hetero couples… they would all say Jongin and Kyungsoo are together. It’s the way they do it, not even that they do it or the amount. It’s how they show affection for each other and that is definitely more than just friendship.