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YAAASSS IT'S OPEN! HAPPY NEW YEAR BEAUTIFUL ADMINS! First time requesting but, any new hopelessly in love Jongin fics? Kamsa ~

(unbelievably late) happy new year to you too sweet corn!! Here are some somewhat recent hopelessly in love Jongin fics ^-^ also, happy Valentines everyone! also also, if you already don’t know, I, admin Q, am the type to add a little humour into my fic descriptions and call kaisoo; jognog and ksoo. I just wanted to say, if that bothers you, please say something about it bc i want the best for our followers~:

  • Butterflies - In which Jongin’s stomach learns a thing or two about butterflies.
  • Second Confession - This is the second time Jongin is confessing to Kyungsoo. And he does it a little.. loudly.
  • God Only Knows - Jongin’s been planning this day for months
  • All I Want Is The Taste That Your Lips Allow - Jongin has the kind of stupidity cold city man, Kyungsoo needs.
  • Babe-raham Lincoln - Jongin has some historical pick up lines up his sleeve to help woo the president’s son.
  • Crush’d - Jognog, the definition of awkward, finally finds the courage to confess.
  • Butterfly - Jongin tries to confess but ends up puking everywhere (basically my life in one sentence)
  • Crystal Clear - Jongin thinks Kyungsoo likes Sehun and helps him bECAUSE HE’S AN IDIOT WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY HAPPY BECAUSE AT LEAST HE’S SPENDING TIME WITH KYUNGSOO.
  • You Are The Apple Of My Eye - Jognog has had a crush on Ksoo for like, foreverrr
  • In Bloom - shy florist!Jongin is meets accountant!Ksoo and develops a huge crush. (!!!!!! one of my favs)
  • They Fall Together - kawaii jognog trying really hard to get Ksoo’s attention 

Hope you enjoy! <3 (the admin applications are all so well written with the right amount of enthusiasm we need, it’s going to be rly hard to choose )-: )

- Admin Q


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Love Feeturing You

Pairing: Kyungsoo/Jongin

Word count: 20,4 k

Genre: romantic comedy, smut

Tags: post-break up, crushes, misunderstandings

Warning(s): foot fetish, thigh-fucking, slight crack

‘’Do you have some vodka?’’ Kyungsoo bleakly asks. ‘’For healing purposes, I mean.’’

‘’I’ve got some chai tea,’’ Mineral Boy replies under his breath, like he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say, apparently thinking that chai tea will fix bullet holes and broken hearts.