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So, I took the BPD quiz and I checked never on almost every question so I'm starting to wonder if there's an opposite of BPD. People tell me all the time that I'm cold, or that I'm a vulcan and I always just thought it was my personality but now I'm wondering if it's not something more. Thanks.

There are a number of disorders that have opposing traits to BPD, (Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Schizoid Personality Disorder come to mind, though it’s absolutely possible to have ASPD or SzPD when you also have BPD) but there’s no true “opposite” disorder.

Checking “never” on almost every question of the BPD quiz just means that you don’t have any symptoms of BPD, not that this indicates you’re on the other end of a “spectrum” and that there must be something wrong with you for not experiencing any BPD symptoms.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re neurotypical of course, but it also doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you for not displaying any symptoms of BPD specifically.

BPD symptoms are not really common or “normal” experiences.  They’re not traits that every person has.  I’d say most if not all neurotypical people don’t have ANY traits in common with the borderline experience.  The symptoms of BPD cause distress, which is why it’s a disorder.  So the absence of those traits doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re mentally ill in the “opposite way” that borderline people are.  If anything, the “opposite” of BPD would be being emotionally regulated and NOT mentally ill.  The absence of borderline symptoms is not a cause for concern on its own.  All it means is that you don’t experience the things that people with BPD do.

I obviously can’t diagnose you, or even say whether you’re experiencing a different mental illness at all.  But I really don’t think that saying you don’t experience any borderline symptoms is an indicator that there’s something “wrong” with you.  Because borderline symptoms aren’t “normal” things for people to experience, that means there’s nothing “abnormal” about not having those experiences.


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