kaiser von powderhorn 3

Prof - Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3

What can I say about Prof?  This wild and crazy, buck out/get retarded, self proclaimed gampo is back with a brand new mixtape.  Prof is known for his crunked out, party style rap full of ruthless, quirky ad-libs.  Prof is definitely a character, and has a crazy, bombastic, low-brow style that just won’t quit.  And he’s so (not) humble!  I’ve been a fan of Prof for a couple years now, ever since I heard the track “Animal” off the Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 mixtape.  Since then, he’s definitely been on my radar, which is logical because he is definitely a rapper who insists that you pay attention to him.  KVP3 just dropped today, and is the 3rd installment of Prof’s mixtape series, if you couldn’t guess.  Right now, he’s back and bigger than ever.

Prof is definitely at the height of his career to this point.  Playing bigger shows and putting out a few solid releases has definitely helped him gain some notoriety, and now that’s paying off for him.  Last summer, he played the Soundset and Summer Set festivals for the first time, both which probably helped him attract a solid base of new fans.  He has actually been able to get pretty noteworthy collaborations in the past, having artists like Brother Ali, P.O.S., Slug, and Yelawolf featured on his tracks.  That stays true on KVP3 too, as Slug and Yelawolf both return for featured verses.  Another noteworthy player is announced on KVP3; Lazerbeak (of Doomtree) produced the track “Moron.”

Funny enough, Prof also raps over the beat of the song “Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino on KVP3.  He can borrow as many beats and samples as he wants, since he releases the tapes online for free.  I think this is the best move for him anyway, regardless of any licensing issues related to using other artist’s copyrighted work.  An artist in Prof’s situation has a lot to gain from potential fans hearing his work at all.  Making listeners pay for downloads definitely doesn’t seem like a smart move for Prof, or any rapper at this stage in their career.  Since he is releasing all the music for free anyway, I guess he figures he may as well borrow a beat or two that he really likes.

I’ve been anticipating this release for awhile, and I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint.  It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect if you have been familiar with Prof’s past work.  It’s definitely more of the same.  Prof’s sound and style hasn’t gotten stale yet, but I have to imagine that if he keeps this up for too long and doesn’t introduce new diverse influences and really try to grow significantly as an artist, that he probably won’t last.  Either way, that’s stuff for the future.  For now, Prof is here, and he’s getting bigger and bigger with each passing day.