kaiser rolls


“I Predict a Riot” by Kaiser Chiefs

Employment (2005)

Applewood-smoked mushroom sandwiches with Emmental

Easy to make and irresistibly smoky! The grilled mushrooms, tangy Emmental, and juicy tomatoes are delicious, and the homemade aioli seals the deal!


Sympathy For the Deviled Egg Burger
Season 4, Episode 16: I Get Psy-chic Out of You

One all beef patty covered in a devilishly delicious deviled egg salad. Served on a toasted kaiser roll.

We had a bit of a burger party, and little puppy Sherman had a blast.  This burger was pretty simple, but made for a great dinner on a hot Georgia afternoon. Crisp and very bright in flavor, this burger is a great reason to use up those eggs you’ve had in your fridge.  Recipe is below!

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