kaiser rolls

This afternoon, T made burgers. I fried an entire pound of bacon so they could be bacon cheeseburgers. Then I sliced the kaiser rolls, buttered them, and put them on the grill to toast.
So I think I might finally get around to baking my cookies now. Wish me luck.

For those of you who are new:

From 2006-2010, I lived alone and cooked every day. I had a complete nervous breakdown in 2013, and I haven’t cooked at all since then, not anything more complicated than boxed macaroni and cheese, really. Maybe meatloaf, once or twice. I can count the times I’ve done omelettes on one hand.

I haven’t baked cookies or made french toast since 2010. 2010 has since been identified as an Event in my bipolar cycle.

I am hesitant but excited.

Also, I haven’t taught myself a new skill in a while, but I spent four hours Friday night working on teaching myself pre-algebra. It was fun. It was interesting. @forablueeyedmiracle asked me questions about what I was doing, but they were more advanced than what I was working on, so I told them to “stop giving me maths spoilers,” and then exclaimed when what they had said was the very next lesson. It was fun! They were so supportive! 

I failed algebra in university, back in 2001. Entering university has since been identified as an Event in my bipolar cycle.

It was one of two classes I ever failed in my entire life.

The other was when I failed out of teaching classes in 2013, in the midst of my nervous breakdown.

Recovery is hard. Recovery is slow. Recovery, in many cases, in my case, is never ending.

I’m trying. 

Ragi’zi Jiube

❖ NAME: Ragi’zi Jiube
❖ HEIGHT: Five fulm eight ilms (including ears)
❖ SPECIES: Keeper Miqo’te
❖ GENDER: Male
❖ NATIONALITY: Sharlayan (formerly)
❖ NAMEDAY: He doesn’t remember nor care.
❖ AGE: 35
❖ GUARDIAN DEITY: Thaliak, the Scholar
❖ RESIDENCE: Obsidian Coterie’s estate (Goblet Ward 2, Plot 42)
MARITAL STATUS: Not bonded, but involved.
❖ ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
❖ DRINK: Water, milk, but no alcohol.
❖ FOOD: Cooked fish
❖ SNACKS: Kaiser rolls
❖ PET: None
❖ COLOR: Silver, purple, black, brown, blue
❖ FLOWER: Belladonna
❖ SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
❖ BODY TYPE: Somewhat lean
❖ EYE COLOR: Brown, he has only one eye

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

5:00 Woke
5:30 Season 6 Episode 6 - Grimm; 20oz coffee with 1 tsp turbinado sugar
6:10 20oz coffee with 1 tsp turbinado sugar
6:45 Season 4 Episode 6 - Sleepy Hollow; 20oz green tea with 1 tbsp clover honey and 1 slice of lemon
7:30 Shower
8:30 2 scoops Vegan Smart nutritional shake mix with 16oz almond milk; vit D3; vit B12; multivitamin
9:00 Work - Brown Bag; 2L water; cottage cheese with fruit; potato salad; cole slaw; kaiser roll
15:15 Oreo cake ball
16:20 Balto; 20oz coffee with 1 tsp turbinado sugar
17:00 20oz Sport tea with 1 tbsp clover honey
19:00 Candy hearts
19:30 Talk to husband on the phone
20:30 Read Wild Swans
21:00 Sleep

Khadan Malqiir Facts

❖ NAME: Khadan Malqiir

❖ HEIGHT: 7′7

❖ SPECIES: Xaela Au Ra

❖ GENDER: Male


❖ AGE: 27

❖ RESIDENCE: A very mobile gher 

MARITAL STATUS: Unmarried, not single

❖ ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral

❖ DRINK: Water, chai tea with milk

❖ FOOD: Anything with meat, pancakes, dumplings

❖ SNACKS: Kaiser rolls 

❖ PET: A variety of rescue animals including a Chocobo named Bansh

❖ COLOR: Dark blue, black

❖ FLOWER: Forget-me-nots

❖ SEXUALITY: Heterosexual



❖ HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

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