kaiser fire

“Together again, like the beginning

It all works somehow in the end”

- Barely Legal, The Strokes (2001)

“I guess this means we’re friends now?”
“Should we hug?”

Someone stop me please.
But actually this is my wish. And probably Kaiser’s too.

This is a screen cap from Naruto: Road to Ninja with a bit of my spectacular photoshopping skills. I was watching this scene and I was weirdly reminded of how hilarious it would be if Az and Chari were friends. And before you say anything, I saw a brief post a while ago that listed all the good/bad traits about these two side by side, and differences aside, they actually have a lot in common. Their taste in women, and violent/murderous tendencies being only a couple. If they had an arm wrestling match my life would be complete.

They should also cosplay.
Chari: “Az, you look good in a skirt, dattebayo.”
Az: “I agree.”

Bravely Series Halloween Collab 2016

Happy (slightly belated) Halloween! To celebrate, the Bravely art community joined together to make the cast dress up in cosplay and spooky costumes.

The Bravely Series Halloween Collab is over, and here are the finished results~ Thank you to everybody who took part, all these submissions are awesome!

If you do have a submission you couldn’t get in on time, you can send it my way at any point and I can include your drawing in whichever section it belongs in on a separate post. There’s no rush~

The credits are below the cut, along with links to the original drawings so you can go and like/reblog those too.

Update: Added a new character

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anonymous asked:

Is Jericho British or American?

Arguably “British.” Going into this project I made up the countries involved, all of which are pretty clearly based off of the actual sides in the conflict. I did that so I was free to mix and match the various uniforms and weapons to come up with the best aesthetics for each side (i.e. why the one group wear french uniforms, kaiser helmets, fire lee-einfeild rifles, and use a weird leathery gas mask that never existed.)

I’m not late to the party, am I?? I can’t even believe “asknovakaiser” is taken too, totally unfair! But now that I’m here, it’s time to spread some well-needed Kaiser awesomeness. I’m all fired up, so come ask me some questions and I’ll answer when I’m not pounding monsters into the ground!