Early last year, I participated in n-fe‘s KaiRyo Anthology,  溺れるうみは銀河, and they have been kind enough to post the entire thing on tumblr! Click through to see my illustration and the comic I contributed to it!

Thank you n-fe for allowing me to participate in such a wonderful project!! It was both a delight and an honor *_* アンソロジーに参加させて頂きありがとうございました!!

meraanimehero  asked:

You have Problems (title)

It wasn’t mean to be challengeshipping, then it kinda accidentally was. Also spoilers since it’s set after the end.

“So, you’ve got some major Daddy issues.”

“Yes, but I have a father, Ryoga.It’s a little tricky to have parental issues when you don’t have any.”

Ryoga scowled. “Trust me, it’s not.”

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anonymous asked:

Oh sorry. A headcannon for the challengeshipping :)

I have a lof of headcanons for those two, but you wanted to know how I think one of them would react if the other hurt his feelings, right?

Fundamentally, I think it’s kind of a vicious circle. They’re both stubborn and aside from their respective siblings, they don’t express their feelings a lot. So I think the main problem will come from that lack of communication - at first. Even when it comes to Yuuma, Ryouga doesn’t know how to show he cares about him and does so by dueling him, teasing him or, like in one episode, bullying him, and Yuuma it’s just a friend, so when it comes to love, when it comes to Kaito, is 100 times harder.

In the series, whenever we see them interacting they’re always teasing each other and even though I believe they really enjoy it, I think that that is also the cause of many problems, misunderstandings and fights. Sometimes one of them will be too cruel, too oblivious to his partner feelings and will end up hurting him and I think most of the time, the hurt one is Ryouga.

Kaito is stronger when it comes to love, since Chris hurt him really bad when he was younger, but Ryouga doesn’t have any experience and since he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and neither Kaito, they just let it be. They might talk and interact almost normally but they won’t forget about it.

And that’s why I think it’s like a vicious circle, because acting like nothing happened works against them and they wonder if they’re good enough for the other until they’re unable to stand it anymore, opting to talk about it, one of the few moments they will open to the other, strengthening their relationship.

Challenge is a really complicated but interesting relationship, both have a lot of issues, but that’s why I think they work really well, serving as mirrors for each other, they’re able to see their own flaws and work them together~

I hope that served you! Thank you for asking!!

and sorry for any mistake you find