The One at Fault

“Right,” says Kaito, “You want me to come ring shopping with you. You buy a ring. We leave. The press, who noticed two high profile duelists entering a jewelry store of all places and tailed us, ambush you and demand to know whom it’s for. You panic, and point to me. The entire ordeal is somehow my fault.”

rolls off a cliff

yells “OLIVE DID THIS” before falling

meraanimehero asked:

You have Problems (title)

It wasn’t mean to be challengeshipping, then it kinda accidentally was. Also spoilers since it’s set after the end.

“So, you’ve got some major Daddy issues.”

“Yes, but I have a father, Ryoga.It’s a little tricky to have parental issues when you don’t have any.”

Ryoga scowled. “Trust me, it’s not.”

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acieru-deactivated20141109 asked:

Kairyo karaoke night tbh.

I remembered black skies
The lightning all around me
I remembered each flash
As time began to blur-

Ryouga grins at his old classmates in the karaoke both, and the lights flash, and he turns the cheap plastic mic around as if it were a professional one. He doesn’t mind. It’s the last night before graduation, after all…they keep cheering for him, and shoving someone to the front.
It’s so hot, so he removes his leather jacket and grabs one of the beers on the stand. The music is so loud in his eardrums it might blast them.

“Fancy seein’ you here, Kaito. Thought you weren’t one for parties,” Ryouga snickers.

“Not fancy seeing you,” Kaito replies with a smirk. They had always been like that, all through embarrassing high school.

“Wanna sing?”
“…No.” Kaito looks away.

People look, and Ryouga casually winks. Kaito seems umcomfortable, so he says his head hurts. It’s then Ryouga even notices people are staring at them, and one is trying to shove a mic into Kaito’s sweaty hands. Ryouga doesn’t mind when people stare…he was in the school’s band, and used to it. But…
…he remembers Kaito is different. Kaito has done class rep two out of the three years, and got sorta depressive the last one when his brother had been caugth in an accident. Ryouga gets it. The medical bills had nearly killed them when Rio was caught in a building fire…They don’t talk.Kaito and Ryouga. Ryoga and Kaito pretend not to like each other, but actually Kaito did Ryouga’s homework in the bus when Ryouga had been out too long practising his guitar, and Ryouga had thanked him silently in the back row of said bus when no-one had been looking.

Kaito excuses himself and tells the others he has a headache-

Ryouga decides in this very moment to ignore the others and follow up. The cold balcony feels like sweet relief to the stiffy room.
Ryouga looks away and bites his lip. He’s…embarrassed. Oh God. “…Sorry. I mean. Also…for the troubles I have caused.”

Kaito looks straight forward over the city at night, and Ryouga thinks he might have caught the faintest hint of a smile at his mouthcorners. Kaito is..amused…? (If it weren’t for the fact they had a melodramatic emotional moment, Ryouga would have liked to punch his pretty face, thank you very much.)
“You actually don’t sing half bad,” Kaito says. He laughs.

They laugh.